b. 1832 Ireland
imm. 1850
d. 1915, Brookfield, MO
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William Carlon, Undated studio portraits, Brookfield, MO studios
studio portrait
ca. 1902?, Gardner studio studio portrait
ca. 1905?, Gress studio
The CARLON family in Brookfield, MO was undoubtedly an early FAGAN link. Anna Fagan Fenton, daughter of immigrant Matthew, and Christine Mulvey Fagan, daughter-in-law of immigrant Edward Fagan both maintained correspondence with Carlon family members and Anna had photos of one of the Carlons from the early part of the century until the 1940s. Importantly, the families lived in vastly different locations, making it unlikely that the families became acqainted through proximity.

While we don't know the mechanics of the relationship, there are 3 possible connections on the Carlon side: The Carlons themselves, James Carlon's first wife Mary Redmond or his second wife, Joanna Burns, both of whom were born of Irish parents.

Currently, the most likely link is Joanna Burns mother, Bridget "Delia" Burns (nee Golden). My best theory is this: that Delia (Golden) Burns was related to, if not the sister of Annie (Golden) (b. c.1840, Ire) who married Edward Fagan in NYC in 1864, and who was matriarch of the Connecticut Fagans. The Carlons also believe Anna (Fagan) Fenton was once engaged to William Carlon. If the Golden family was the connection, William, a son of James Carlon's first wife, was not related in any way to the Connecticut Fagans, and Anna Fagan was not related in any way to any of the Carlons, but could have become acquainted with them while visiting her cousins in Connecticut.

The bare bones of their story follows, as pieced together from diverse sources.
James Carlon, patriarch of the Brookfield Carlons, was born December 17,1832 in Easky, County Sligo, Ireland. (Easkey spelling is also in use. Barony of Tireragh, Parish of Easky, PLU of Dromore West, Province of Connaught. geography.) Easky is a coastal town that today is known for surfing. According to his obituary, James emigrated to the U.S. at seventeen (1850) with his father William, a brother and two sisters. Names were not given, but the brother was probably Hugh, who settled in Lewis County, New York.

That James had a Catholic funeral and burial plot indicates that the family was Catholic. James married twice, fathering two families of six children each. It appears that only one from the first marriage (William) survived until adulthood, and only two (Kathryn and John) from the second marriage survived at his death.

James spent his earliest US years years in Lewis County, NY, the county in which his father and brother settled. In 1860, William and Hugh (and Hugh's wife were living on a farm in Constableville, Highmarket, Lewis County, while James have moved to nearby Boonville (Oneida County) where he was a liver keeper, living in a hotel and possessing a personal estate of $1800.

By 1870, William Sr. was probably deceased and Hugh was adding to his growing family on the Highmarket farm. (In 1900, when "last seen", Hugh and his wife had retired to Utica). But back in 1870 James was still living in Boonville, now with his first wife Mary Redmond, born in NY about 1848. The 1870 census finds them with two daughters Alice (ca 1867) and Elizabeth (ca. 1869). After William's birth in 1873, and Annie's birth 1876-77, their lives changed rapidly. By 1879, a widowed James was remarried and the owner of a farm in Missouri. He had left New York for good about 1877.

To my surprise, I have found evidence that James left three of his daughters with his late wife's family members in the tiny town of Ava, near Boonville. In 1880 we find farmer John Redmond and his wife Mary, age 53, both born in Ireland living with their adopted son William Redmond, 13, and three Carlon granddaughters: Alice 12, Lizzie 11 and Annie 3. I don't know if any of these girls ever rejoined their father, stepmother or brother William in Missouri, but Annie died of consumption on Sept. 29, 1886 in Boonville.

James Carlon's obituary offers this scenario, which, if true, implies that He and Mary Redmond, (and all their children?) traveled to Missouri, where Mary died. The widowed James kept William with him, but sent the girls back to New York to live with their late mother's parents.
In 1877 the family came to Linn county, Missouri, and settled on what was known as the David Moore farm, a couple of miles southeast of Brookfield, where the wife and mother died.
Though the 1880 census lists the little Carlon girls as the Redmond's grandchildren, I did not find a daughter Mary living with them in the 1860 census. There was, however, a eldest daughter "Polly" said to be born in England to Irish parents about 1850, though all the younger Redmond's children were born in NY. Polly may have been aka Mary. For the record, William's census listings always listed his mother as having been born in Ireland.)

By the June 1880 census, a newly-remarried James Carlon (age 50), Willie (age 7) and James' new wife Joanna (age 30), were living on a farm in Brookfield, Linn County, MO. The "married during census year" flag was set, suggesting a recent marriage. The census lists Joanna Burns as having been born in NY State to Irish immigrant parents in roughly 1850. The census page on which the Carlons appeared was populated with owner-occupied farms. The Carlon family had no live-in farm-hands.

A month after the census, in July 1880, John T. was born to James and Joanna. All told, Joanna had 6 children, though only 3 of the 6 were still alive in 1900. Besides John, they were Kathryn E. (b. Feb 1882) and Maggie F. (b. Oct 1888) (Warning: all the children's birth dates are supported only by census. I have no birth records).

By 1900, James Carlon, age 67, had no occupation and was the owner of a house at 1119 N. Main Street, Brookfield, free of mortgage. (I gather the farm was a thing of the past, because this was a residential neighborhood). The three children born to James and Joanna were living with them. William, then 27, was absent, perhaps in law school.
Snapshot, ca. 1900-1910, Anna Fagan (later Fenton) with William J. Carlon on beach, probably in Queens, NY
By 1910, William, a 37 year old lawyer had returned home to his father and stepmother at 1119 N. Main. The three children of James and Joanna, now in their 20s, were also resident. The girls were store clerks and John T. was an insurance agent. All were single. John T. Carlon was also the census enumerator, so I gather this was the most reliable portrait of the family. His father's occupation was listed as "own income" and John and William were self-employed. ("own account" in census talk)

By 1920, gone from the family home were father James (d. 1915) and daughter Maggie (d. 1911). Joanna (widowed, age 65-70) was head of household with three unmarried children in their 30s and 40s. For the first time, all family member's ages were considerably understated. William was a lawyer for the city ( he later became a judge). John T. was a bookkeeper in a bank. Kathryn was still a sales clerk.

John T. (age 43) married Orba Raymer in 1923, and this couple had one son who continued the line.

William died in 1945 and his half brother John died in 1963. I have received Kathryn Elizabeth Carlon's application for social security. In 1937, when she filled out her SS-5 application, she was living at 3109 Washington, in Kansas City, Missouri, and an employee of department store George B. Peck Company, 1044 Main, Kanasas City. Christine (Mulvey) Fagan of Bridgeport maintained a correspondence with Kathryn Carlon, and from her address book we know Kathryn lived in Chicago after Kansas City. In April 1974, she passed away in Fort Lauderdale.

More Carlon photographs

DESCENDANCY CHART -- of William Carlon -- D R A F T Nov 2001

William CARLON, b. Easky, Sligo, d. 1860-70, Lewis Co., NY
  & Catherine RUTLEDGE, b. Sligo?, d. bef 1850, Sligo
   |-- Hugh CARLON, b. ca. 1832 Sligo, Ire, d. aft 1900, Utica?
   | & Mary A ?, b. ca. 1842 NY, m. ca. 1859 Lewis?, NY, d. aft 1900, Utica?
   |   |-- Ellen CARLON, b. 1859 High Market, Lewis, NY, d. Oct, 1860-69?
   |   |-- Catherine CARLON, b. ca. 1860 High Market, d. aft 1870 NY?
   |   |-- Margaret CARLON, b. ca. 1861 High Market
   |   |-- Francis CARLON, b. ca. 1863 High Market
   |   |-- Fannie CARLON, b. ca. 1866 High Market, d. aft 1870
   |   |-- Mary F. CARLON, b. 1868 Lewis, NY
   |   |-- Ellen CARLON, b. ca. 1869 High Market
   |   |-- John CARLON, b. Mar, 1876 High Market, d. aft 1900 NY?
   |   \-- William CARLON, b. Mar, 1879 High Market, NY, d. aft Jun, 1880 NY
   \-- James CARLON, b. Dec 17,1832 Easky, Sligo, Ire, d. Jul 3, 1915 Brookfield, Linn Co., MO
       & Mary (REDMOND), b. ca. 1848? Ire or NY, m. ca. 1866 Boonville?, d. 1878, MO
         |-- Alice CARLON, b. 1866-67 Boonville, NY, d. aft 1880, NY
         |-- Elizabeth CARLON, b. 1868-69 Boonville NY, d. aft 1880, NY
         |-- William J. CARLON, b. 1873-75 NY, d. 1945 Brookfield, Linn, MO
         \-- Annie CARLON, b. c1877? Boonville, NY, d. Sep 29, 1886 Boonville, Oneida, NY
        & Joanna (BURNS) CARLON, b. 1854 NY, m. ca. 1879 Brookfield, d. 1928 Brookfield
         |-- John Thomas CARLON Sr, b. Jul 1880 Brookfield, d. 1963 Linneus, MO
         |   & Orba (RAYMER) CARLON, b. 1892 Ill, m. 1923 Brookfield, d. c.1952
         |      \-- 1 son, 3 grandchildren, etc.
         |-- Kathryn E. CARLON, b. Feb, 1882 Brookfield, MO, d. Apr, 1974 Fort Lauderdale
         \-- Maggie F. CARLON, b. Oct, 1888 Brookfield, MO, d. 1911 Brookfield

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