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Chronology of known 19th century Fagan births   Rows are color coded by family -- or rather by son's families. At least two of the Fagan daughters (Rose CARROLL and Ann SEAMAN) were said to have married. but I've been unable to follow their trails.
I've listed known civil registrations, which took place in Manhattan unless noted. Most of the early births were not registered with the city and were only accounted for in baptismal registers or in census. St. Stephen's Church on East 28th Street (Office at 142 E 29th) was the source of most of the known Baptismal information for Matthew's and Eugene's family. It was also the site of Edward's 1864 marriage (Laurence as sponsor).
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Child Father Mother Birth
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c1860 Sarah John Fagan Johanna Cahill   Unknown   ?       The first known Fagan child born in the U.S. She was still living with her parents in 1890, but I lost trace after that. Could have married or died.
Aug 6
Johanna John Fagan Johanna Cahill v.10, pg. 148 88 W. 39th st   ?       d. Jan 25, 1929 @66, Richmond Hill, Chronic Endocarditis. Dressmaker. No marriage or offspring, but in middle age had custody of the children of two of her sisters and was trustee for her cousin Louis' daughter.
1863-64 Edward Laurence Fagan Kate (--?) not found     ?       Fate unknown. Last seen in 1880 census
Edward Golden Edward Fagan Ann Golden not found 567 3rd av?   ?       Died Dec 31, 1928 @63, Bridgeport, CT.; married Christine Mulvey of Providence, RI; 3 children, Marie, Edward G., Virginia.
c1864 Mary John Fagan Johanna Cahill   70 W. 37th?   ?       A major mystery. Apparently married a Michael CASSIDY during the 1880s or 1890s and had 4 children, but she herself never appeared in census. She was supposedly still alive and living by her maiden name at her sister johanna's death (1929).
1865-66 Kate/ Catherine Laurence Fagan Kate (--?)       ?       married Walter Rood, died Oct 7, 1902, Manh. @abt36 At least one child, Elise (Rood) Santoro (see below)
1866-67 Annie Irene John Fagan Johanna Cahill   143 W. 39th?   ?       died Apr 17, 1891 @25, of Bronchitis at 337 E. 31st St, Manhattan
1867-68 Lawrence Laurence Fagan Kate (--?)       ?       Fate unknown. Last seen in 1880 census
Dec 21
Mary E. (Mamie) Edward Fagan Ann Golden   Bridgeport   ?       Dressmaker, no marriage or offspring; d. Sep 15, 1938 @69, Bridgeport, CT, after cholecystotomy
Oct 9,
Catherine Helen Eugene Fagan Ann McGaughran   409 2nd av?   ? Oct 11, 1868 Matthew Fagan Bridget McGaughran Married Patrick F. Quinn (NYPD) ca 1892. They had two surviving children: Nellie (aka Helen) & Hugh (aka Frank), during the 1890s. Lost several others.
She died Nov 23, 1905 @37, phthisis pulmonalis (TB), 581 E 63rd st. Her husb. remarried and had 2 more ch. He died in 1934, Rosedale, Queens.
Thomas Laurence Fagan Kate (--?) not found 849 1st av   ?       Fate unknown. Was listed in Laurence's 1870 census listing, not in the 1880
Mar 2,
Mary J. Eugene Fagan Ann McGaughran   427 3rd av   St Stph Mar 6, 1870 Patrick Lynch Anne Geary Married name Mary J. Noble. Per Calvary interment list and gravestone, she died June 4, 1907 @37. However I have not located a listing in New York City or New York State death indexes.
c1870 Catherine John Fagan Johanna Cahill   143 W. 39th?   ?       A dressmaker. Married John McCaffrey ca. 1905 and had four children. She died in Manhattan Aug 14, 1919, @49 of nephritis.
Jul 1,
Edward Patrick Eugene Fagan Ann McGaughran   427 3d av   St Stph Jul 9, 1871 Edward Duffy Mary Ann McDonald died Dec 6, 1897 @24, 621 2nd Av, Manh, Phthysis pulmonalis (TB). Baptized as Edward, listed as Edward Patrick on gravestone. His death certificate indicates that he was married but I've found no confirmation. He was a horseshoer and apparently in business with his father.
Jan 31,
James Joseph Eugene Fagan Ann McGaughran   427 3rd av   St Stph Feb 9, 1873 Patrick McDemott Elizabeth O'Reilly died Apr 13, 1900 @27, Bellevue Hosp., endocarditis, chronic nephritis. No marriage or offspring.
Jul 19,
Eugene Jr Eugene Fagan Ann McGaughran   427 3d av?   St Stph Jul 23, 1874 James Mahm [sic] Mary Ann Reilly died Apr 21, 1909 @35, 590 Park Ave, pary?cluymatosis? nephritis, pulmonary oedema. No marriage or offspring.
ca. 1874 Edward F. John Fagan Johanna Cahill   143 W. 39th?   ?       died Oct 30, 1911 @35 of TB. John's only son, Edward was a house painter. There was no marriage or offspring.
Sep 27,
Eugene Fagan Ann McGaughran   427 3d av or 240 E 30th?   St Stph Oct 5, 1876 William Gaynor Mary Reilly died Jul 24, 1921 @44, 322 E. 27th. Known as Vincent and later as John V. No marriage or offspring.
Aug 6, 1876? Margaret A. Edward Fagan Ann Golden   Bridgeport           Teacher in Bridgeport school system. No marriage or offspring. Died Mar 21, 1962 @abt 85, Bridgeport, CT, hypertensive heart disease
Jul 24,
Charles Laurence Fagan Mary Dwyer 237693 338 E 49th st?   ?       Fate unknown. Was living with his uncle Matthew's family in LIC in 1900, but disappeared from Queens directories and census after 1908. I've found no NY City or state death record. Elise Rood Santoro's half uncle.
Nov 22,
Lawrence Francis Eugene Fagan Ann McGaughran   240 E 30th?   St Stph Nov 28, 1878 Matthew Fagan Eliza O'Reilly died Feb 5, 1885 @6, 339 E 30th St., epileptic eclampsosis. Listed on gravestone as L. Frank
May 6,
Mary Laurence Fagan Mary Dwyer 284110 302 E 49th   ?       Fate unknown. Born a month before 1880 census, but was not in the enumeration with her family.
Jun 14
Edward Patrick Matthew Fagan Margaret Egan 286769 320 E 26th na/1 St Stph Jun 27, 1880 Peter Egan Mary Riley died Jul 1, 1881, @13 mo., 320 E 26 st., cholera Infantum/ convulsions
ca.1880 Aloysius I. Eugene Fagan Ann McGaughran     na/1 St Stph? ? ? ? died Feb 3, 1895 @15y 6m, epilepsy
Mar 19,
Anna Josephine Matthew Fagan Margaret Egan 335816 320 E 26th 1/0 St Stph Mar 26, 1882 Thomas Killian Margaret B. Egan married Mike Fenton in 1915. School teacher, no children. Died May 24, 1962, Freeport, NY, @80, cardiovascular accident, Hyprtensive heart disease
Nov 24,
Louis Eugene Fagan Ann McGaughran   418 3d av?   St Stph Dec 2, 1883 Elvan [sic] Fagan Catherine Fagan Died Apr 1, 1920 @36, influenza, Bronx. Marr. Mary Agnes MAY, and they had one dau, Ann Fagan. His widow married Joseph E. EGAN.
Jun 28,
Elise (Rood) Santoro
(2nd gen)
Walter Rood Lau->Kate Fagan 400613 160 E 48th st 1/1 ?       married George Santoro May 5, 1912 in Paterson, NJ; one son, George Jr, b. Paterson.
Elise died Oct 25, 1948 @64, Los Angeles, cancer of gall bladder
Aug 11,
Thomas F Matthew Fagan Margaret Egan 406673 320 E 26th 3/2 St Stph Aug 24, 1884 Thomas Eagan C.D. Fitzpatrick married Agnes Flanagan (b. Astoria 1886), died Apr 9, 1936 @51, Freeport, coronary thrombosis/ arterio sclerosis. 6 children. b. 1912-28, Agnes Marie Rovegno, Thomas Evans, George Charles, Emily Etzkorn, John Gregory, b. Astoria, Queens; Robert Joseph, b. Freeport, NY
Aug 15,
Edward J Matthew Fagan Margaret Egan 465328 320 E 26th 7 ?       married Josephine DeLucia, died May 29, 1942, Queens Village, @55 from arterio sclerotic heart disease. Sons Edward Jr. and Joseph Matthew.
May 23,
Matthew Jr Matthew Fagan Margaret Egan not found 320 E 26th?   St Stph May 27, 1888 T. Harney Mary Murphy died Apr 9, 1889 @11mo, L. I. City, convulsions
Mar 4,
Mary M. Matthew Fagan Margaret Egan LIC 1434 (ldgr) 126 7th st, Long Island City   St Mary, LIC Mar 16, 1890 Michael Eagan Mary Fagan died Oct 25, 1939 @49, Freeport, NY, Chronic Nephritis - 5 yrs, advanced arteriosclerosis, 15y, chronic myocarditis

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