A MISCELLANY  The gaps in our knowledge of Anna's life make a true chronology impossible, so here follows a series of captioned photos. Most of her photos were unmarked and the papers available are from random periods. I've made some educated guesses at dating the photos based on the estimated ages of children, clothing, hairdos, objects, amount of fading and print-lot markings, but many are still just guesses. If you see something in them that contradicts my dating or pins them down further, please let me know.
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CHILDHOOD The 1883/84 tintype on the right is the only certain photo we have of Anna as a child. "ANN FAGAN FENTON" was written on the back on a piece of white 1950s-style bandage adhesive tape.

Anna's birth certificate (1882 Manhattan #335816 for Fagan "female") tells us that she was born on Mar 19, 1882 at 320 East 26th St. in Manhattan. Both parents were born in Ireland. Margaret Egan was 30 years of age and Matthew 31. His occupation was "horse shoer"

Anna was Margaret and Matthew Fagan's first surviving child, though Margaret had given birth to a child no longer living. The certificate was signed by a medical attendant N.J. Flemming, M.D. who lived at 132 Lexington Ave.

The name of Anna was conferred on her only at baptism, and the middle name of Josephine appears on no early official papers. I can only guess that it was a Confirmation name that she chose herself.

She was joined by her brother Thomas Francis (my grandfather) in 1884, brother Edward J. in 1886 and sister Mary M. in 1890.

ADOLESCENCE Two studio portraits of the teenage Anna - or Annie, as she was commonly called in those days. She graduated from Long Island City High School in June of 1899 and I would place these two portraits from that era. She was on the honor roll and the reception committee for the commencement exercises.

Although we don't know where she spent her elementary school days, her brother Thomas graduated from the "old First Ward School in Hunters Point." This may have been Anna's school as well.

team portrait 1.1x stretch early beach pic Left: Anna Fagan, center front, in this detail from a mounted studio photo. The "83" on the ball probably places this at her first teaching assignment: PS 83 in Ravenswood. She was teaching at PS 83 at from least 1907 (age 25) and on through 1915.

In a trait that shows up in group shots taken at all ages of her life, Anna beams, while those with her are poker-faced.

Right: A small snapshot, one of many early beach scenes. From left to right: Anna's younger brother Edward J. Fagan, his wife (or wife-to-be) Josephine DeLucia, and Anna. The man and woman on the right have not been identified.

anna & mystery man 20% stretch William CARLON of Brookfield, Missouri
Left:   The distinctive looking man next to Anna was a relation of the Fagans of Bridgeport, and a suitor of Anna's. While this is the earliest photo (est. 1905-10), Anna had photos of William Carlon and his family, as late as 1948. Some are dated but none are marked.

William stood the same way - rail straight and facing away from the camera, throughout his life.

Anna's sash reads "QUEENSBOROUGH N.Y."

Right:   Another man, not as distinctive looking. He also bears a resemblance to someone who shows up in photos during ther 1930s.

anna and agnes anna w/friends
Left: Old Orchard Beach, Maine, 1907. Anna on the right. The woman on the left is my grandmother, Agnes Flanagan, who married Anna's brother Thomas four years after this photo was taken. Right: Another snapshot, possibly from the same trip. That's Anna on the right and the woman next to her may be Agnes Flanagan.

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