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Right: An early photo of Anna Fagan with William Carlon, probably taken in Brookfield, MO around 1905. In 1905 Anna was 23 and William was 32. This is the only snapshot in which William more or less faces the camera. He usually gazes into the distance.

Below: another photo from this group of 4 snapshots.

This mounted photograph skips ahead roughly 30 years. The date November 2, 1937 is handwritten on the back. It shows William seated at a roll-top desk in an office. He would have been 64 at the time, and his brother John 57.

A selection from a group of 8 snapshots stamped "Gress Studio, Panel Art Prints, Brookfield MO,. Jul 1, 1942", All are taken in front of or in the backyard of a wood-frame house numbered 125.
Right: William Carlon and his sister Kathryn.
Below: Three of the Carlon men in 1942. John T., John T. Jr. and William Carlon.

Right: Mother and son. Orba (Raymer) Carlon and John T. Carlon Jr.
Below: A blurry snapshot of Orba (Raymer) Carlon, Anna (Fagan) Fenton and Kathryn E. Carlon

The last Carlon photo was hand-dated July 5, 1948, and shows John T. Carlon with his wife Orba.

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