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BIRTH CERTIFICATES (from photocopies)    * = Known errors
DOB Name Registered
[known as]
Cert# birthplace Mother Father Occ # childrn
 #  alive
Jun 14, 1880 "male"
[Edward Patrick]


320 E 26th, Manh Margeret Egan, b. Ire, age 28 Matthew Fagen, b. Ire, age 29 Blacksmith 1st na
Mar 19, 1882 "female"
[Anna Josephine]
320 E 26th, Manh Margaret Egan, b. Ire, age 30 Matthew Fagan, b. Ire, age 31 horse shoer 1 0
Aug 11, 1884 "male"
[Thomas Francis]
320 E 26th, Manh Mgt Patterson *, b. Ire, age 25 * Matthew Fagan, b. Ire, age 33 black smith 3 2
Aug 15, 1886 Edward
[Edward J.]


320 E 26th, Manh Mary * Egan, b. Ire, age 34 Matthew Fagan, b. Ire, age 35 black smith 7 * blank
May 23, 1888 Matthew


unknown certificate not yet found    
Mar 04, 1890 Mary M. 1434
Qns ldgr
126 7th st, L.I.C. Margaret Egan Matthew black smith n/a n/a
General note: All the FAGAN children's certificates were filled out by medical attendants, who were less than reliable. This accounts for some of the inaccurate entries. Their names:
  • Edward Patrick: A. S. Burtt(?), MD, 119 Lexington av
  • Anna and Thomas: W. J. Flemming, MD, 132 or 134 Lexington av
  • Edward J: S F. --? (illegable on copy), 314 E 26th street.
  • Mary: W.J. Bennett?
    # Children: Inconsistancy in the number reported/ alive partially explained by rewording of question on form.
  • On Edward Patrick's certificate the only question was "Number of Child of Mother (whether 1st,2d,3d, etc)"
  • On Anna's certificate the questions were "Number of this mother's previous children" and "How many of them now living."
  • On Thomas and Edward's they were "Number of child of mother (whether 1,2,3, etc)" and "how many of them now living."
  • The "7" on Edward's certificate was probably the work of a doctor/midwife unfamiliar with the family. "4 and 3" would be the correct entries if there were no births or deaths between Thomas and Edward.
  • Mary was born in L.I.C., where the register did not include these questions.
    Name in Register
    [known as]
    Baptism Sponsors Speculation on source
    of 1st/middle names
    Edward Patrick
    [was not known]
    St Stephen's
    142 E 29 st, NYC
    Jun 27, 1880 Peter EGAN Mary RILEY 1-Paternal grandfather(Edward Fagan)
    2-Source of Patrick unknown
    [Anna Josephine]
    St Stephen's Mar 26, 1882 Thomas KILLAN Margaret B. EGAN 1-Paternal grandmother? Anna/Mary? Caffrey
    2-No Joseph/Josephine known
    [Thomas Francis]
    St Stephen's Aug 24, 1884 Thomas EAGAN C.D. FITZPATRICK 1-Maternal grandfather (Thomas Egan)
    2-No Francis known
    [Edward J.]
    ? Aug/Sep 1886? unknown - probably
    a FAGAN
    unknown - probably
    an EGAN
    1-Reused paternal grandfather's name after death of first Edward
    2-Middle name is unknkown
    Matthew St Stephen's May 27, 1888 T. HARNEY (unknown) Mary MURPHY (unknown) Named after father
    2-Middle name is unknkown
    [Mary M.]
    St Mary's LIC Mar 16, 1890 Michael EAGAN Mary FAGAN 1-Named after her godmother? The pattern would dictate the name Winifred, after maternal grandmother
    2-Is middle name Margaret?
  • While it's assumed that the EGAN sponsors are relatives of Margaret, none of the sponsors have been positively identified.
  • The alternating of EGANS and unknown surnames as sponsors suggests that unknown sponsors may have been FAGANs.
  • Re Mary Riley: A Mary Ann Reilly and a Mary Reilly were Godmother to two of Eugene's children. The name was so common that this could be one, two or three different women. Note that there was a Reilly connection in the Caffrey family in Castlerahan.
  • C.D. FITZPATRICK not known
  • Thomas KILLAN was possibly "Thomas KILLIAN, smith, 424 2nd Ave"
  • Matthew's brothers are strangely absent, however the Mary FAGAN who sponsored the child Mary FAGAN could have been Mary (nee DWYER) the widow of brother Laurence FAGAN or Matthew's sister, Mary.

    Duly noted: the middle names by which the children were known to us were not registered as baptismal or birth names.

    The first names given the Fagan boys follow a classic naming pattern, which alternates between father's and mother's family names (see list below). The pattern can provide clues to ancestral names and infant deaths. Not enough is known of the female line to say whether they used the pattern in naming the girls.
  • Open question: first girl (Anna) should be named after father's mother. We don't know if Matthew's mother was Anna or Mary Caffery. (Matthew's brothers used as known first girls' names: Mary [Edward] and Catherine [Laurence - after his first wife])
  • Baby Mary's name is the hardest to explain. By pattern, the second girl would be named after her mother's mother (Winifred Egan). Either Mary was an exception, or there was a birth/death of a girl during the four year gap before Mary's birth. However, that would skew the staggered sponsor pattern. Her middle initial was M, which could have stood for Margaret, after her mother.
  • To continue in the same vein, third son (Edward J.) would have been named Matthew. The death of the first baby, Edward Patrick, must have prompted the reuse.
  • It's interesting to note that Matthew's brothers Edward, Eugene and Laurence all named their first sons Edward. Additionally, the two of the three second-generation Edwards whom we have followed had sons named Edward.
  • Naming Pattern 1 - First Christian or Fore-names
    1st son after paternal grandfather
    2nd son after maternal grandfather
    3rd son after Father
    4th son after the father's eldest brother
    5th son after the mother's eldest brother
    1st daughter after maternal grandmother
    2nd daughter after paternal grandmother
    3rd daughter after mother
    4th daughter after the mother's eldest sister
    5th daughter after the father's eldest sister

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