25th Anniversary Booklet: Veteran Firemen's Association of Long Island City - 1890-1915
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cover On the following pages is a digitization of a 25th anniversary booklet of the Veteran Firemen's Association of Long Island City, Queens County, New York, an association chartered in 1890.

The booklet, compiled in 1915, includes four formal member lists (founding members as of 1890, and deceased, honorary and active members as of 1915) and a historical narrative in which you'll find numerous smaller lists of names of firefighters in the Long Island City area. Also sprinkled throughout the publication are photos of the organization's presidents, one group photo (1909) and a photo of their headquarters at 156 and 158 Grand Avenue in Astoria now 30th Avenue).

Oddly enough, while the booklet includes the program and menu for the 1915 anniversary celebration, nowhere is date of the event given. As the text mentions incorporation on March 20th, 1890, and a first meeting on April 14th of that year, I would guess the anniversary luncheon took place on one of these dates in 1915.

A descendant of Joseph T. Allen, whose photo appears in the pages as society president in 1907, was the source of the copy I received and scanned. Allen was a charter member of the Association, and was still listed as an active member in 1915. (For the period of time covered by the booklet, the Allen family lived on the old 2nd Avenue in Astoria next door to my great uncle Andrew Flanagan Jr., also a member. )

The booklet was passed on to Joseph Allen's son Edward, and to his son, the late Richard Allen who was a Lieutenant in the NYFD, working most of his career in Long Island City. It was Richard's son Thomas, who provided me with the high-quality color xeroxes I have scanned here. My thanks to Tom Allen.
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