25th Anniversary Booklet: Veteran Firemen's Association of Long Island City - 1890-1915
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While preparing this material for posting on the Internet, I came across several related items. I will post them below as I find time.
The New York City Fire Museum site posts a photo of a bullhorn similar to the item that appears in all the formal portraits of the past presidents of the association. I assume it had a functional use, and was not just a ceremonial icon.

handtubs.com, a Web site devoted to old fire engines, posts a recent photo of an engine that was built in 1851 for Long Island City. It was sold to in 1908 the Veteran Firemen's Association of Jamaica Plain, a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. (This photo is at the top of the Web page.)

I also stumbled on death notices of members of the society who died after 1915. I will add them at a later date.
New York City Fire Museum site

A digitization of the book Our Firemen, The History of the NY Fire Departments from 1609 - 1887 by A. E. Costello

The Astoria Historical Society posts two related features: One showing the group headquarters at 156 Grand Avenue and the other a 1939 Star Journal article on the old Volunteer Fire Department. The GAHS reports that the veteran's association disappeared around 1950.

The Brooklyn Information site posts miscellaneous fire department related articles from Brooklyn newspapers from 1860

The Western Queens Gazette posts an
1885 article about Astoria fire fighters.

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