25th Anniversary Booklet: Veteran Firemen's Association of Long Island City - 1890-1915
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Honary Roll.    [Image of this page]

LONG ISLAND CITY, N. Y., August 4th 1913.

At a regular meeting of our Association held on the above date, the following Resolution was unanimously passed:

RESOLVED, That THE VETERAN'S FIREMAN'S ASSOCIATION of Long Island City establish an "Honorary Membership Roll." The members who are eligible to Honorary Membership in this Association are to be men of character and respectability and men who we feel will add honor to our Association.

Propositions for Honorary Membership may be presented to the Association at any of its regular meetings by card, stating name, age and residence, which application shall be accompanied by a fee of $2.00 (unless the fee be dispensed with by a majority Vote of the Association). Every application shall be referred to the Board of Trustees for approval or rejection.

Honorary Members may have a voice in the meetings of the Association, with the consent of the Chairman, but no vote.

Any Honorary Member who is charged with conduct tending to endanger the welfare, interest or character of the Association, or with having violated any of the rules or regulations established from time to time, shall, upon charges being preferred to the Board of Trustees, have ten days' notice to appear before the Board of Trustees to defend himself, the Board shall report the result of the trial with such recommendations as they desire to make to the Association. The Association may reject, amend, suspend or expell providing two-thirds of all the members present at any regular meeting vote in favor thereof.

It is to be distinctly understood that Honorary Members shall have no interest in any of the funds or property of the Association.

I certify that the above is a true copy of the Resolution as passed.

J. M. SMYTH, Secretary.

The following is a list of Honorary Members of this Association:
Arnold, William
Armbruster, Louis Jr.
Andersen, Emil J.
Bales, Charles F.
Burden, Samuel J.
Burkard, Gus F.
Birdsall, Frank J.
Britt, William E.
Bleckwenn, R. F.
Coyne, John
Dowdall, George
Ehntholdt, Daniel
Ellsworth, J. F.
Feaster, Herbert A.
Freund, Max
Foley, Daniel W.
Goldsmith, Henry A.
Hackett, Thomas F.
Kenney, James J.
Kramer, William
Klein, Jacob H.
Kupfrian, William
Klushmeier, F. D. H.
Levy, Mark
Lowe, Arthur
Moorehouse, William
Meyer, Charles
Madigan, Michael
Moore, William K.
McHugh, J. J.
McAuley, David
McNamara, D. G.
O'Connor, George M.
Pangburn, William E.
Patten, Bernard
Quatfasel, Adolf
Quinn, Thomas M.
Roecklein, Frank
Reilly, James
Serina, F. R.
Smith, Terrence F.
Schubert, William
Strauss, Joseph H.
Schulte, John H.
Smith, Robert
Sohmer, Paul
Schmitz, Fred R.
Tilp, Charles
Whitcomb, Charles G.
Whitcomb, W. E.
Whitcomb, Herbert E.

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