25th Anniversary Booklet: Veteran Firemen's Association of Long Island City - 1890-1915
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Old Mohawk Hose Carriage No. I that formerly done duty in the Astoria section from September 4th 1866, to December, 1891 Now owned by the Veteran Firemen's Association and is always on exhibition in their headquarters.

The following song was composed in the 70's by the late Thomas J. Murphy, formerly Foreman of Mohawk Hose Company, and was very popular in the days of the old Volunteer Department of this city:

I'm one of the many Volunteers,
My song I'll sing to you:
I do not mean the U. S. A.'s or
The gallant tars in blue;
But the boys with leather hats and fronts,
Of Mohawk No. I
No matter what the hour may be
To a fire they will run.

Fire! Fire! Fire! We hear the midnight cry,
With bells a'sounding, we're abounding,
Along the road we fly;
In pulling on the drag rope
We run and never tire,
We're happy as the day is long
While running to a fire.
Perhaps we're at our daily work,
When the fire alarm will sound;
We stop it in an instant
And to the carriage house we bound;
We meet our brother members
As along the road we run,
And join them in. a friendly race
To see who'll have the tongue

There's Robert Brown, our Foreman,
You know him, every one.
While running to a fire,
In front of us does run,
Saying, jump her lively Mohawk,
Come, boys, let her fly,
There goes "One Truck" tip Albert's hill
And we'll have to pass her by.

When we get to the fire,
For a hydrant we do go,
ln getting on the water
You bet we're never slow.
We play upon the fire
Until its fury then is done,
And then we hear the order,
Pick up Hose No. One.

When we get back to the Carriage House
We turn in, every one;
We wash her and we clean her,
From signal light to tongue.
We oil her and we grease her
And then we have some beer,
And then we all give three good cheers
For our next Chief Engineer.

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