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ca. 1913. One of the earliest photos we have of Thomas Francis Hogan.
The turn of the century brought the Hogan family out from the shadows. They left Williamsburgh behind, moving to the area southwest of Prospect Park known as Borough Park. This was to be the family's final settling place. Exactly when the move occurred is not clear, but I believe the 1896 death of Thomas' mother-in-law Mary (Morgan) Handy may have been one catalyst; jobs were probably the other. Thomas was still absent from city directories during this period, so it his travels can only be supposed from census listings, and an assumption that the Hogan family remained close to the Handy family. I should note that Thomas' mother Catharine (Donohue) Hogan was the first family member to be recorded south of Prospect Park. Her death certificate suggests that she became an inmate of the Home for the Aged at 16th Street and 8th Avenue in March of 1894.

The exodus from Williamsburgh/ Bushwick affected three households. Thomas and Mary (Handy) Hogan, Mary's brother Frank Handy (& family), and her father Henry Handy, who was absorbed into Thomas's family in 1900, but may have lived with his other children in later years.

On Jan 18, 1896, Henry Handy's Irish born wife Mary (Morgan) Handy, age 63, died in her son Frank's home at 260 Palmetto St., Bushwick. Henry's directory listing, 578 Bushwick in 1895, became 59th nr 11th Ave. in 1897, a big jump from Williamsburgh, to Borough Park. By 1899 both Frank and Henry Handy were listed at 7th av nr 66th. Frank (aka William F. Handy), a railroad switchman, left that address by the time of the 1900 census, but spent the rest of his life in the Borough Park/Bay Ridge vicinity.

The census taken June 6, 1900 shows a snapshot of the Hogan family just before the older boys left the nest. They were living in a multi-family dwelling on 7th Ave., with Thomas as Head and his father-in-law Henry Handy taking a back seat.
7th Ave - ward=30?, ed=554, sht=8, ln=4, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY State
Thomas F, Head, Feb 1851/49, married 25 years, Inspector/ parks, NY/Ire/Ire, rents
Mary, wife, Nov 1853/46, married 25 years, 6 children/ 4 alive, NY/Mass/Ire
Mary F., dau, Apr 1875/25 Nurse, NY/NY/NY
George, son, Nov 1879/20 grocery clk, NY/NY/NY
Joseph, son, Mar 1882/18 plumber, NY/NY/NY
Augustine, son, Jan 1888/12, in school, NY/NY/NY
Henry Handy, father-in-law, Feb 1828/72, Mass/Mass/Mass, no occupation
John Judy, boarder, Aug 1827/ 72, Ohio/Ken/Penn, no occupation
McKinley Park, 1914 - Excerpt from letter written by Thomas Hogan to Gus Hogan

"My department has not as yet decided as to whether the employees shall get their vacation in the summer or fall as there is too much work to be done at present to allow us to go away for a few weeks.
"The little Ginks [Joe's children] were around for supper last night & are looking well.
"Everything is the same as usual at McKinley Park, plenty of May parties on Saturdays. Mr. Goodman & a number of old widows being daily visitors but I've very little time to spare with them just now."

The census gives only 7th Avenue as an address, but it is a fair assumption that this was 7th Avenue and 66th Street -- the building at which Henry Handy was listed in the 1899 Brooklyn directory. This address at 7th and 66th was the closest of any family addresses to McKinley Park, Thomas Hogan's place of work in 1914.

In another of a series of random facts that don't quite add up a coherent picture, the Brooklyn Eagle's real estate conveyances column on September 5, 1901 mentions a signing over of a 40x100 house to Thomas F. Hogan by Fanny J. Handy (his wife's sister). This house, on the south side of 59th St., 100 feet east if 13th av., would have been on the 1300 59th Street block. In the price column of the listing was the word "nom."
Neither Fanny (who purchased the property in 1898 for $475) or Thomas were ever listed at an address on 59th Street, or even near it, though it was just a couple blocks southeast of St. Frances de Chantel Church. Thomas and family might have lived there, but we have no evidence that he did.

Our history of Thomas, Mary and family between the 1900 and 1910 censuses is nearly a blank slate. Thomas' family doesn't appear in any city directories and we truly have no idea where they were. However there were events that place family members: one death, a birth and a few baptisms.
On April 14, 1905, Catharine (Donohue) Hogan died at the Home for the Aged of the Little Sisters of the Poor at 8th Ave & 16th Street in Brooklyn. The death certificate makes no mention of Thomas Hogan, but the permission slip that allowed Catharine to be buried in her brother's plot in Old Calvary was passed on to Thomas Hogan's youngest son Augustine. This suggests that Thomas was his mother's caretaker, and not, for instance his sister Maggie or Anna McGrath over in Hackensack.

It was during this time that his sons George and Joe married. Though we have no idea where and when they married, there is a birth certificate on file for Joe's oldest child Martha Mary Hogan, born March 26, 1906 to Joseph Hogan, age 24, plumber living at 921 60th Street in Brooklyn, and Rose Demereik, age 25, born England. Martha's birth preceded the establishment of the family's church St. Frances De Chantal, 1273 58th st, so I have been unable to find baptismal information for her.

However, all her younger brothers and sisters were recorded at St. Frances, and some baptismal records held notations for their marriages. That family was settled and in place early. Joe and Rose would spend the rest of their lives within a few blocks of the 60th Street address. Their son Thomas was born Dec 16, 1907, and Edmund born Mar 15, 1910. Both infants had Deremeiks as baptismal sponsors, with one Mary Burke, who is unknown to me.

Thomas' oldest son George also married around this time and had his first child, Ethel on Dec. 9, 1907. Throughout his life, George was less visible to the records than Joe. There was no civil record of Ethel's birth and her baptism also preceded the establishment of St. Frances. It wasn't until the coincidental births of sons to George and Joe in March of 1910 that information about George's wife Sarah would be recorded.

George married the widowed Sarah Loretta MARTIN, nee SMITH. Sarah was born ca. 1875 in NY State (about 3 years before George Hogan), and had two sons when she married George. These boys, Stephen MARTIN, (b. ca 1893) and Eugene MARTIN, (b. ca 1895), were living with their stepfather George in 1910. By 1920, Stephen was married with three children, and living near his mother and stepfather. Sarah Hogan died between 1930 and 1945, but was not buried in any of the known Hogan plots at Holy Cross.

Around 1905 Thomas' oldest child, Mary Frances Hogan, was serving as private nurse to her great uncle Jacob WORTH, the husband of her grandmother's sister Theresa MORGAN WORTH. Jacob Worth, once republican party leader of Brooklyn, had fallen victim to ill health, and political bad times. I suspect the the dissolution of the City of Brooklyn in 1898 was unkind to Jacob and family. Prior to 1898, several family members were on the public payroll. After 1898, none were. Jacob died in Hot Springs, Ark, on Feb 21, 1905, after a day at the racetrack. The NY Times and Brooklyn Eagle both mentioned Mary's attempts to revive Jacob in his hotel room, and her trip with the body back to Brooklyn. Mary, who was roughly age 30 in 1905, may have returned to live with her parents after the experience in Hot Springs, but this is not known. She did continue as a nurse alternately in institutional and private practice for the rest of her life and was living with her parent(s) in every census.

On Feb 15, 1910, Thomas's 60 year old brother George W. Hogan, ordained in 1876 as de la Salle Christian Brother Albran Edmund, died at La Salle Institute in Cumberland, MD. Two Hogan babies, born within weeks of his death, were named in his honor.

Joe's son Edmund A. Hogan, born March 15, 1910 (baptized March 20), would live until 1960. George's son, born two weeks earlier on Mar 1st, was registered with civil authorities as George Hogan and recorded in the April 1910 census as George W., yet he was baptized on May 1, 1910 as Edmund. I know nothing more about this child, but I assume he died young. He was not listed in the 1920 census, and his sister Ethel was considered by her cousins to be an only child.

During this time, the only assumption we can make about Thomas Hogan is that he worked for New York City's Parks Department in the borough of Brooklyn and lived somewhere in the Borough Park or Bay Ridge area. After George's and Joe's marriages, his family circle would have consisted of his wife and teen-age son Gus. Possible members of the household are daughter Mary, who may or may not have been living with her client/patients, and his widowed father-in-law Henry Handy.

The 1910 census finds Thomas and family living in a 2 family house 1075 60th Street Brooklyn, Kings Co. NY
(taken Apr 15, 1910, Ward=30 ED=1068 sht=8 ln=28)
Thomas F. Hogan, 59, inspector/parks, married 36 years, rents, POB self/fa/mo: NY/Ire/Ire
Mary A., wife, 53, had 6 children /4 still living, NY/Mass/Ire
Mary F., dau, 35, nurse-private fam, NY/NY/Mass*
Augustine, son, 22, book finisher-bindery, NY/NY/Mass*
* POB of Gus & Mary's mother given incorrectly as Mass.

Son George and family were at 6001 Ft Hamilton Ave., Brooklyn, Kings, NY
(ED=1086 sht=19a r# 985)
George W. Hogan, head, 31, 1st marriage, married 3 years, pianist in concert(?) hall, NY/NY/Ire
Sarah, wife, 35, 2nd marriage, 4 children/ 4 still living, NY/NY/Ire
Ethel, dau, 2 , NY/NY/NY
George W., son, 1/12, NY/NY/NY
Stephen H. Martin, stepson, 17, NY/NY/NY
Eugene S. Martin, stepson, 15, NY/NY/NY

6007* 6th av ed1068 s18a r#984, Brooklyn, Kings, NY
Joseph Hogan, 28, married 4 yrs, plumber in shop, wage earner, rents
Rose, 29, wife, 3/3 ch, Eng/Eng/Eng
Martha, 4, dau, NY/NY/Eng
Thomas, 2, son, NY/NY/Eng
Edmund, 1/12, son, NY/NY/Eng
Cecilia Deremick, 14, sister in law, NY/Eng/Eng
* Address on page reads 1607, but that doesn't exist. It is probably 6007, which is close to 61st St. Houses on 61st appear on same census page, and the next house is 6005 6th Ave)

To be continued

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