To my relatives.

Our great Aunt Anna Fenton (nee Fagan) was a favorite of all who met her. It was she who held together the various branches of the Fagan family, some of us on Long Island, others in Connecticut and California. After her death in 1962, the three branches lost touch.

My father, Thomas Fagan, was Anna's oldest nephew and her executor. Because he handled her finances, her papers were left with my family. I have spent some time with them, piecing parts of her life together, and not incidentally, those of her close relatives, many of whom I only know of through family stories.

A good sampling of Anna's legal documents survived, but there are countless gaps, questions and mystery photographs. There were no personal letters, either to and from Anna, though there were a few envelopes and two postcards. I hope relatives can fill gaps by sharing copies of old letters and photographs and correcting any errors they see here.

Though I'm posting text reports in an abbreviated form, and photos in drastically reduced form, I'm keeping all material in a proper genealogy database program (TMG for Windows) or lossless image format (TIF).

My long-term plan is to home-publish properly annotated documents based on the family papers, not just for the FAGAN line, but for my paternal grandmother's FLANAGAN line and my mother's HOGAN/ HANDY/ COLLINS/ LAURENT lines. Any and all donations of material will be gratefully received. They will be handled with kid gloves, scanned, photographed, photocopied, transcribed and returned.

I also encourage you all to write up your stories and remembrances of the family. They will be more than welcome here and in the paper publications. If you found them interesting enough to remember, others will thank you for sharing them.

--Patty Fagan, Allston, MA, Dec. 1999

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