Teaching in the N.Y. City school system
class photo
An undated early class photo of Anna, a detail from a 5" x 7" mounted studio photo.
Considering the importance Anna attached to the 40 plus years she spent teaching in the N.Y.C. school system, the official material is a little thin. I found several job assignment slips but the last was dated 1926, at least 20 years before her retirement from the city school system.

It's also not clear where she attended college or trained as a teacher, but Anna's NYC teachers retirement program - instituted in 1920 - covered her as of 1907. That would suggest she took 8 years of course work after her 1899 graduation from L.I.C. High School and that a 2-year probationary teaching period followed.

On Feb 1, 1909, she was fully accredited to teach grades 1 through 6. Her assignment at that time was at PS 83 on Vernon ave nr Pierce in Long Island City. Six years later, when she applied for a change of name after her marriage to Mike Fenton, she was still at PS 83.
3 teachers OPEN AIR SCHOOL In 1923, Anna was granted a temporary license to teach in a special program at PS 91 on Central & Fosdick Ave, in the Glendale section of Queens: open-air classes for children with tuberculosis.

In 1925, she was taking special courses at Hunter College in Manhattan toward this end, and by 1926 she was fully qualified. At that time, she was living in Freeport, teaching in Queens and taking classes in Manhattan.

The photos on the left and below could be the staff and class at PS 91.
Photographer: Art Photo Co., Joseph Zlamany, Jr. Prop. 400 Hopkins Ave, Astoria, L.I.
class pic - 1.35x stretch
Unfortunately, the paper trail ended here. Until I can find transcripts of her personnel records from the N.Y.C. school system, I have no idea how long the PS 91 assignment lasted or where she taught for the remainder of her career. I've been told, however, that before her retirement she was always part of the Queens school system.

I assume she retired from the N.Y.C. school system in 1947 at age 65, but she did continue her teaching work. A 1955 class photo suggests that she was teaching (substitute?) at a suburban elementary school in Wantaugh, L.I.


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