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NOTES: Mike FENTON's marriage license listed his parents as Denis FENTON and Margaret MOORE. His transcript from the death register of Freeport listed them as Dennis FENTON and Margaret REDMOND. I have assumed that the earlier information, supplied by Mike himself, is more likely. The Irish connections listed below are based on that assumption.

All the Irish information below was gleaned from the birth registrations of two of Mike FENTON's assumed siblings: Catherine and Denis FENTON, children of a Denis FENTON and Margaret MOORE of Co. Cork. (LDS microfilm). Mike and John Fenton, the two brothers whom we know to have immigrated, were not included in the filmed records. I've estimated John's birth year. Mike's came from his death certificate. The only evidence of the brother John's existence is the certificate of his Declaration of Intention to become a US citizen, which I found in Anna's papers and which took place June 18, 1886, a year before Mike filed for citizenship in Manhattan. John filed in Washington territory and I have no further clues about his existence. It is likely John and Mike were brothers but not certain.
Supposed siblings Catherine and Denis were born in the townland of Killacloyne in the parish of Carrigtohill, County Cork. Their births were both registered by their father Dennis FENTON in the town of Midleton in the registry district of Carrigtohill and Lisgoold.
Younger brother(?) David Fenton was apparently a latecomer, arriving in the US ca. 1908 and settling in Spokane, Washington, where he worked as a manager in a department store. I have tentatively identified some very beautiful studio photos as being of David, his wife and their little girl
DESCENDANCY CHART of ---? Fenton          D R A F T		Aug 15, 1998

? FENTON, b. ca. 1800 Cork
+unknown spouse
+-- Denis FENTON, b. ca. 1835? Midleton, Carringtohill, Cork
|   & Margaret (MOORE) FENTON, b. ca. 1835?, m. ca. 1860? d. aft May 1913 Riverstown, Cork
|   +-- John FENTON, b. ca. 1861? Midleton, Carringtohill, Cork, imm c 1880, to WA State
|   +-- Michael J. FENTON, b. May 27, 1862 Cork, d. Aug 11, 1930 Freeport, bur. Amityville
|   |   & Anna J. (FAGAN), b. Mar 19, 1882 Manh, m. Jul 3, 1915 Manh, d. May 24, 1962 Frpt
|   +-- Catherine FENTON, b. Mar 15, 1864 Midleton, Carringtohill, Cork
|   +-- Denis FENTON, b. Sep 26, 1865 Midleton, Carringtohill, Cork
|   +-- David FENTON, b. ca 1875, d. aft 1920, Spokane, WA, d. aft 1920
|       & Mary (---?) b. ca 1874, GA to French parents, d. aft 1920
|       +-- Mary Margaret FENTON, b. ca. 1914, Spokane, d. aft 1920
|  Tie Between Thomas and Denis FENTON as brothers has not been proven.
|  We only know that the two were close in age and that Catherine (FENTON) CAMPBELL
|  was a relative of Mike's.
+-- Thomas FENTON, b. 1841-42, Ire, d. May 25, 1907 Manhattan
    & Catherine (AHEARN) FENTON, b. Jul 7, 1857, m. 1875 Manh? d. Jan 27, 1915 Bklyn, Calvary
    +-- John J FENTON, b. Feb, 1876 Manh? d. May 02, 1956 Bronx?, bur. Calvary
    +-- Thomas FENTON, b. 1878 Manh?, d. Nov 14, 1898, Manh, bur. Calvary
    +-- Catherine J (FENTON) CAMPBELL, b. Feb 1881? Manh, d. Sep 20, 1959 Freeport, Calvary
    |   & James F CAMPBELL, b. 1879-80 NY, m. ca. 1913 NY?, d. Sep 26, 1950 NYC?
    |   +-- James J. CAMPBELL, b. ca. May 19, 1914 Manh, d. Nov 8, 1914 Manh, bur. Calvary
    |   +-- Eunice (CAMPBELL) CROWLEY, b. Aug 31, 1918 Bronx
    |   |   & Martin CROWLEY, b. ca. 1920?  NY?, m. ca. 1940? Bronx?
    |   |   +-- Kevin CROWLEY, b. ca. 1947? Bronx?
    |   +-- Joseph CAMPBELL, b. after Jan, 1920 Bronx?
    |       & Margie (---?) CAMPBELL, b. ca. 1920? Bronx?, m. ca. 1945? ?, Bronx?
    |       +-- Kathy CAMPBELL, b. ca. 1950? Freeport?
    +-- Julia FENTON, b. Jun 30, 1883 Manh? d. Jul 9, 1883 Manh, bur. Calvary
    +-- Mary FENTON, b. Nov, 1885 Manh? d. Feb 19, 1955 NY?, bur. Calvary
    +-- Maggie FENTON, b. 1886-87 Manh? d. ca, Aug 26, 1888 Manh? bur. Calvary
    +-- Helen C. FENTON, b. Dec, 1890? Manh? d. Jan 25, 1962 NY?, bur. Calvary

Notes on Thomas FENTON family:
The family lived on the lower east side of Manhattan (Madison Street and then Water Street) until the early 1900s, but then moved uptown to 106 E. 89th Street.
  • Thomas FENTON, elder, was variously listed as laborer, driver and farmer. At the time of his death, the family was living at 106 E. 89th Street. According the 1900 census, he arrived in the U.S. in 1866. He was naturalized on Oct 24, 1878 at the Common Pleas Court in Manhattan. His naturalization papers and his death certificate give no further information.
  • Thomas FENTON Jr., died in 1898, age 20, after being run over [further details on his death certificate were unreadable]. His death certificate listed his occupation as a hostler.
  • In about 1913, Catherine (FENTON) CAMPBELL married fireman Joseph Campbell, who had been a resident of the same apartment house on E. 89th Street. They had and lost one child while still living in Manhattan, and then moved up to the Bronx, where they raised their two children Eunice and Buddy. Some time after her husband's death (Sep 26, 1950), Catherine moved out to Freeport and, in 1959, passed away while a resident at Anna Fenton's at 58 Shonnard.
  • John J. FENTON, also known to our family, owned a trucking company at 172 Reade Street on the lower east side of Manhattan. In about 1913, possibly when his sister Catherine married, John moved to Brooklyn, and it was at 1517 57th st, Brooklyn that his mother died in 1915. He moved to the Bronx during the 1920s(?)and was listed at 3529 Rochambeau (or De Kalb) av, Norwood.
  • It is not known where John or his sisters (Helen and Mary) lived between the early 1920s and their deaths between 1955 and 1962. As far as we know, they never married and may have resided together.

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