The Recordings of Fraser Gange

This list of Fraser Gange's known recordings was extracted from a discography in progress. We have not had access to a majority of the English recordings, consequently the details are incomplete.

Items with pale blue backgrounds are reissues.
The Columbia Master Book Discography (1999, Brooks, Rust, Greenwood Press). has given "shipping dates" for the U.S. Columbias, which may correspond roughly with recording dates. For reasons of space, we have not included them.

We would appreciate hearing from any owners of pressings for which we have blank entries. -- Patty Fagan, 1999

Columbia Phonograph Company Ltd., Dark Blue Label
Acoustic recordings made in London, 1915-18.
Issue 1: Columbia (UK) 1st release, not reissued
Issue DtIssue#Song title MatrixWithComposerDiamComment
1915/062563Galway by the Sea29413Orch Barclay, M10 
1915/062563Love Filled My Cup29414Orch Loughborough 10 
1915/072574O, That We Two Were Maying29341Orch Nevin, Ethelbert10 
1915/072574Annie Laurie29342Orch Scott/Douglas10 
1915/082582When I Think on the Happy Days?Orch Forster, D/ Burns10 
1915/082582I Know the Place ?Orch Vannah, Kate 10 
1915/122617My Heart's Desire29576?orch?Clarke, RC10 
1915/122617Songs My Mother Taught Me 29578?orch?Dvorak 10 
1916/012629Sally Gray 35759(?)PianoTrad10 
1916/012629Green Grow the Rashes, O35760(?)PianoTrad. 10 
1916/022637Land of Long Ago ?PianoKnight/ Ray10 
1916/022637a-Cymon: Care Flies From the Lad that is Merry?PianoArne10 
1916/022637b-Skewbald Black, The?PianoLehman, Liza 10 
1916/042653Out of the Night 29577Orch Lidgey 10 
1916/042653Steppin' Down Along the Road ?OrchWilson, A 10 
1916/052661I Looked Out Into the Morning65222?Goldstein 10 
1916/052661Royster Doyster65223?Matheson10 
1916/062666There Grows a Bonnie Brier Bush 65224PianoScots Trad10 
1916/082685Banjo song, A (Bandanna Ballads)65427(?)?Homer, Sidney10 
1916/082685Queen of the Earth65428(?)?Hulbert, R10 
1916/102699Wait!?PianoD'Hardelot, Guy 10 
1916/102699Now Sleeps the Crimson Petals?PianoQuilter, Roger10 
1916/112716Twa Bonnie Maidens65453PianoTrad.10 
1916/112716Bonnie Prince Charlie65454PianoTrad.10 
1917/042756Kitty65650PianoFletcher, PE 10 
1917/042756Village Band, The65717PianoLohr, Hermann10  
1918/032830Sea is England's Glory, The65810PianoFox, G. Holland10 
1918/032830Cheery Songs65811PianoSlater, David Dick10 
The Gramophone Company Ltd., HMV Black Label
Acoustic recordings made in London, 1918-19
Issue 1: single-sided release; Issue 2: double-sided release (light blue entries)
Issue DtIssue#Song title MatrixWithComposerDiamComment
1918/0602793 Beauty's Eyes ?Marjorie Hayward, vln;pfTosti, Paolo 12Single-sided
1918/105-2003To Mary HO4236ae??White, MV 10Single-sided
1918/11?4-2990Border Ballad ??Cowen/ Scott10Single-sided
1919/055-2041Toy Band, The ??Samuel 10Single-sided issue
1919/0902826 Red Rose 'Monsieur Beaucaire'HO3743aforch/Arthur Wood, chor Messager12Single-sided
1919/0904255 Say No More 'Monsieur Beaucaire'HO3744afRosina Buckman, chor/orch Messager12Single-sided
1919/0902827 Under the Moon 'Monsieur Beaucaire'HO3749afChor/orchMessager12Single-sided
1919/093-4049Lightly, Lightly 'Monsieur Beaucaire'?Rosina Buckman, chor/orch Messager10coupling: Waiata Poi (a Maori love song)/ R. Buckman
1919/1102835 Sea Dogs of England, TheHO3676afPianoLidgey 12Single-sided
1920-1???02871?Vorrei (Could I) HO3905afPianoTosti12notation of 02871 on D464 label
1920-21D221Beauty's Eyes ?Marjorie Hayward, vln;pfTosti, Paolo 12reissue of 02793
1920-21E46To Mary HO4236ae??White, MV 10reissue of 5-2003
1920-21E46Border Ballad??Cowen/Scott10reissue of 4-2990
1920-21E47Toy Band, The??Samuel 10reiss of 5-2041.. coupling: R. Radford solo
1920-21D459Red Rose 'Monsieur Beaucaire'HO3743afchor/orchMessager12reissue of 02826
1920-21D460Say No More 'Monsieur Beaucaire'HO3744afRosina Buckman, chor/orch Messager12reiss of 04255; coupling: M. Beaucaire: Philomel/ R. Buckman
1920-21D459Under the Moon 'Monsieur Beaucaire'HO3749afChor/orchMessager12reissue of 02827
1920-21E182Lightly, Lightly 'Monsieur Beaucaire'?Rosina Buckman, chor/orch Messager10reissue of 3-4049.. Reverse: Buckman solo
1920-21D221Sea Dogs of England, TheHO3676afPianoLidgey 12reissue of O2835
1920-22D464Vorrei (Could I) HO3905af?Tosti12coupling: The Sands o' Dee (Clay)/Chas. Mott, bar.
1920/03E3AbsentHO2839aeOrch Metcalf10possibly reissue of 5-2142 per info on label
1920/03E3Sea FeverHO5002aePianoIreland10 
Columbia Phonograph Company, Inc.: Blue Label
Electric recordings made in New York, 1927-29
Issue 1: 1st US release; Issue 2: US rerelease; Issue 3: UK release
Reissues coded in light blue
Issue DtIssue#Song title MatrixWithComposerDiamComment
1927/095070-MOn the Road to MandalayW98333-2Orch Speaks/ Kipling12 
1927/095070-MTwo GrenadiersW98352-2Orch Schumann12 
1928/025073-MFortune Teller: Gypsy Love Song W98332-7Orch Herbert12 
1928/025073-MTannhauser: Song to Evening StarW98379-3Orch Wagner 12 
1928/06144-MAchal by the Sea W145622-4Orch Lawrence/ McKeller10Gramophone 2/29 p 404x
1928/06144-MLassie O' MineW145646-2Orch Walt/ Bowles 10UK issue gives take no. as 2. Gramophone 1/29 p 365
1928/08149-MBedoin Love Song W145285-3Piano accompPinsuti 10UK issue gives take no. as 3. Gramophone 11/28 p 244
1928/08149-MNancy LeeW145286-5Orch Adams10UK issue gives take no. as 5.
1928/11159-MLittle Irish Girl, The W145580-2OrchLohr/ Teschemacher10 
1928/11159-M Annie LaurieW145647-2OrchScott/ Douglas10 
1929/0350117-DPromise of LifeW98608-3?Cowan/ Bingham12UK issue gives take no. as 3
1929/0350117-DAbide With Me W98609-2?Liddle/ Lyle 12UK issue gives take no. as 2
1929/0450126-DHear me, Ye Winds & Waves W98611-1Orch Handel 12 
1929/0450126-DOmbra Mai Fu (Xerxes)W98612-3Orch Handel 12 
1929/11?1990-DHeimliche Aufforderung (The Lover's Pledge)W148377-5 Arthur Bergh, pf Strauss10 
1929/11?1990-DRuhe Meine Seele (Rest Thee My Spirit)W148380-2Arthur Bergh, pf Strauss, R10assume 1929/11 release
1929?1885-DInvictusW148378-2Arthur Bergh, pf Huhn/ Henley 10 
1929?1885-DBlind Ploughman, TheW148379-1Arthur Bergh, pf Hall/ Clarke10 
1930/032097-DBorder Ballad W148690-2Arthur Bergh, pf Scott/ Cowen10 
1930/03?2097-DRolling Down to Rio W148689-1Arthur Bergh, pf German/ Kipling10 

US Columbia reissues

1934?7294-MOn the Road to MandalayW98333-2Orch Speaks/ Kipling 12reissue of 5070-M
1934?7294-MTwo GrenadiersW98352-2Orch Schumann12reissue of 5070-M
1934?7295-MFortune Teller: Gypsy Love Song W98332-7Orch Herbert12reissue of 5073-M
1934?7295-MTannhauser: Song to Evening StarW98379-3Orch Wagner 12reissue of 5073-M
1934?7276-MPromise of LifeW98608-3?Cowan/ Bingham12reissue of 50117-D
1934?7276-MAbide With Me W98609-2?Liddle/ Lyle 12reissue of 50117-D
1934?7277-MHear me, Ye Winds & Waves W98611-1Orch Handel 12reissue of 50126-D
1934?7277-MOmbra Mai Fu (Xerxes)W98612-3Orch Handel 12reissue of 50126-D
1934?2121-MLittle Irish Girl, The W145580-2OrchLohr/ Teschemacher10reissue of 159-M
1934?2121-MAnnie LaurieW145647-2OrchScott/ Douglas10reissue of 159-M
1934?2082-MHeimliche Aufforderung (The Lover's Pledge)W148377-5 Arthur Bergh, pf Strauss10reissue of 1990-D
1934?2136-MInvictusW148378-2Arthur Bergh, pf Huhn/ Henley 10reis of 1885-D
1934?2136-MBlind Ploughman, TheW148379-1Arthur Bergh, pf Hall/ Clarke10reiss of 1885-D
1934?2082-MRuhe Meine Seele (Rest Thee My Spirit)W148380-2Arthur Bergh, pf Strauss, R10reissue of 1990-D
1934?2086-MRolling Down to Rio W148689-1Arthur Bergh, pf German/ Kipling10reissue of 2097-D
1934?2086-MBorder Ballad W148690-2Arthur Bergh, pf Scott/ Cowen10reissue of 2097-D
UK Columbia reissues of US Columbias
1928/115028Bedoin Love Song W145285-5Orch Pinsuti10UK issue of Col 149-M
1928/115028Nancy LeeW145286-5Orch Adams10UK issue of Col 149-M
1929/015141Achal by the Sea W145622-4Orch Lawrence/ McKeller10UK issue of Col 144-M
1929/015141Lassie O' MineW145646-2Orch Walt/ Bowles 10UK issue of Col 144-M
1929/025172Little Irish Girl, The W145580-2OrchLohr/Teschemacher10UK issue of Col 159-M
1929/025172Annie LaurieW145647-2OrchScott/ Douglas10UK issue of Col 159-M

Australian Columbia reissues of US Columbias

1929/12?02574Fortune Teller: Gypsy Love Song W98332-7 Orch Herbert12Austr. issue of 5073-M
1929/12?02573On the Road to Mandalay W98333-2 Orch Speaks12Austr. issue of 5070-M
1929/12?02573Two Grenadiers, The W98352-2 Orch Schumann12Austr. issue of 5070-M
1929/12?02574Tannhauser: Song to Evening Star W98379-3 Orch Wagner12Austr. issue of 5073-M
1929/12?01064Bedoin Love Song W145285-3 Orch Pinsuti10Austr. issue of Col 149-M
1929/12?01057Nancy Lee W145286-5 Orch Adams 10Austr. issue of Col 149-M
1929/12?01064Achal by the Sea W145622-4 Orch Lawrence/ McKeller10Austr. issue of 144-M
1929/12?01056Lassie o' Mine W145646-2 Orch Walt/ Bowles 10Austr. issue of 144-M
1929/12?02811Promise of Life W98608-3 ? Cowen/ Bingham 12Austr. issue of 50117-D
1929/12?02811Abide With Me W98609-2 ? Liddle/ Lyte 12Austr. issue of 50117-D
1929/12?01057Little Irish Girl, The W145580-2 Orch Lohr/ Teschemacher10Austr. issue of Col 159-M
1929/12?01056Annie Laurie W145647-2 Orch Scott/ Douglas 10Austr. issue of Col 159-M
1929/12?01626Invictus W148378-2 Arthur Bergh, pfHuhn/ Henley 10Austr. issue of 1885-D
1929/12?01626Blind Ploughman, The W148379-1 Arthur Bergh, pfHall/ Clarke 10Austr. issue of 1885-D
1929/12?01718Rolling Down to Rio W148689-1 Arthur Bergh, pfGerman/ Kipling10Austr. issue of 2097-D
1929/12?01718Border Ballad W148690-2 Arthur Bergh, pfCowen/ Scott 10Austr. issue of 2097-D
US Columbia - reissued by Club 99
1979CL 508On the Road to Mandalay?Orch Speaks 12Collector's Showcase LP: Wm. Violi Coll.
1989CL 507/8On the Road to Mandalay?Orch Speaks 4.75Collector's Showcase CD: Wm. Violi Coll. Qualitron Imports
Performance Records
Live performance recording, 1954
Issue 1: 1st US release; Issue 2:
19545052? Divine Tragedy, The n/aPeabody Players/ Baltimore Festival Chor Newsom 4x12 


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