Fraser Gange Career Chronology

Early Years
Dundee to London

The U.S. Career

The teaching years

This is not a comprehensive listing of Fraser Gange's career, only what we have found in publications and US archives to date. Gange's earlier career in the UK and his tours in Australia and New Zealand are poorly represented. Comments, additions or corrections, however minor, are welcome.

At present we have included only the more important milestones in the career of Fraser Gange's wife, soprano Amy Evans, and the known dates of their many joint recitals. Mrs. Gange (1884-1983) had a career as an oratorio singer and recitalist that peaked during the 1920s. She also had a brief career at Covent Garden and with the Chicago Philadelphia Opera companies which ended at the onset of World War I. We hope to add a section on Mrs. Gange at a future date.


Revised July 2005