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This is not a comprehensive list of Queens directories published, but a list of directories that have survived to be filmed and that I have found in libraries and catalogs. I don't know how long most of these titles were published or whether any remain to be discovered; ads in directories themselves suggest that the publishing companies moved in and out of markets frequently. My only purpose here is to take stock of titles available to researchers.

From the point of view of a researcher wishing to know what films to rent, city directories are poorly cataloged. The LDS catalog has the fullest titling I've found, but their early Queens titles don't reflect the full extent of each edition's coverage, nor are they cross-referenced by all the towns actually included.

For instance, the 1872 "Curtin's Brooklyn... business directory," (subtitled "Long Island") includes listings for numerous towns and villages on the physical island of Long Island, an area that is now divided into Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties. But residential coverage differed greatly from town to town, with some towns including only business owners, others including residents. I have not attempted to describe the level of coverage or to list the towns covered.

The spans for which I've been unable to locate directories are: pre-1864, 1877-1885, 1889-1897, 1913-1924, 1927-1932. Some of
1864-1871 5 city directories on one reel. [FHC 1930448]
1864/65 Boyd's Astoria, East New York...Long Island;
1865/66 Curtin's directory of Astoria, East New York... Long Island
1867/68 Curtin's directory of Astoria, East New York... Long Island
1868/69 Curtin's directory of Astoria, Babylon, ... Long Island
1871/72 Curtin's directory of Amityville, Babylon... Long Island
(Queens Central Library also has the above, though not on one reel).
FHC cat
QCL (see note)
1872-1876 1872-3, 1874-5, 1876-77 Curtin's Brooklyn... business directory, (subtitled "Long Island")
1888-89 Boyd's Business Directory
1888-89 Flushing Directory containing a general directory of Flushing together with a complete business directory for the years 1888-1889 ?
1868-1889 NYPL catalog number *ZAN-G402 (R.2), Humanities-Microforms - 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.
1868/69-1869/70 - ?
1872/73, 1874/75, 1876/77 - Curtin's Brooklyn business directory
1888/89 - Boyd's Long Island business directory
1886, 1888, ? Long Island Star Directory, Vol 2 - The Star directory of Long Island City, embracing Hunter's Point, Blissville, Dutch Kills, Ravenswood, Astoria, Steinway and the German Settlement ...
Queensborough Library has 1888 and Brooklyn Public has 1886.
The Library of Congress's catalog number is x 24030843, but their online catalog doesn't list dates.
QCL, LC, Brooklyn
Public (see note)
1897 Jamaica ?
1898-1912 8 city directories published by Trow - on 4 reels
1) 1898 [FHC 1710435]
2) 1899, 1901, 1904 [FHC 1705173]
3) 1906-1907, 1908-1909 [FHC 1705174]
4) 1909-1910, 1912 [FHC 1758643]
FHL bibliographic information:
one film FHL 2309591, covering 1902-1912
three films covering 1898-1912
1912 "Trow business directory of the Borough of Queens, City of New York, also residential directory of Flushing, Jamaica, Long Island City and Richmond Hill, 1912"
Available on under Directories & Member Lists > New York, City Directories > Borough of Queens
Direct link (requires subscription)
1912, 1925 Suffolk, Nassau, Queens supplementary directories, 1925, 1912
Includes Flushing-Newton District, Greenport, Southhold, Shelter Island.
FHL Film 1759122 Note: I have not viewed this film or seen these directories.
1920s A few pooled telephone directories - Queens/ Brooklyn QCL
1933-34 1 city directory- Polk's New York City directory (boroughs of Queens and Richmond) New York, R.L. Polk & Co., Inc. 1933/34 This is a large city directory covering all of Queens and Staten island.
FHL Film 1440724 Item 5
QCL [paper], NYPL, LDS
var 1930s+ The Long Island Room has many city and telephone directories for Queens and Long Island communities that are unavailable elsewhere QCL
1893-1894 The reel for Lain's Directory of Brooklyn 1893/4 (for yr ending May 1, 1894) contains a bonus title: Brooklyn and Long Island business directory, 1892. Beginning on page 303 are directories of businesses and government officials for many (if not all) towns and villages on Long Island (Brooklyn and Queens included).
I mention this because it's easier to find than a Queens city directory and it fills a gap between Queens residential directories.
It is segment 3, reel 7 in a widely available library package of (Lain's mostly) Brooklyn directories.
many libraries
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LDS The Family History Catalog of the Church of Latter Day Saints
QCL Queens Central Library, Long Island Div., Jamaica, NY
QCC Queens County Courthouse, Jamaica
NYPL New York Public Library, 42nd Street, Manhattan
NYG&BS The New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, Manhattan
Brooklyn Public Library Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn
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