P D F    F I L E S
These are Adobe Acrobat .PDF files of "fan charts" which show the direct-line ancestors (or pedigree) of two families. They are viewable and printable on PC or Mac.

FAGAN / FLANAGAN Fan chart. Thomas and Agnes (FLANAGAN) FAGAN, who married in Long Island City in 1911.

HOGAN / COLLINS Fan chart (26k).
This shows ancestors of Augustine L. HOGAN and Alice Margaret COLLINS, who married in Brooklyn in 1919.

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If you want to save the fan chart to your disc rather than having it appear as a web page
  • Right click on the Fan chart link, to bring up the pop-up menu. (on a Mac, CTRL-click)
  • Select "Save Target As" (or "Save Link As" The wording depends on your browser)
  • select a document directory and hit [SAVE].
  • To view or print offline, double click the saved file (titled fanchtF.pdf or fanchtH.pdf).

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