Andrew Flanagan Jr. d. Dec 29, 1921

Obit, xeroxes from Marie D. (from HH?) - source and date unknown, but probably L.I. Daily Star


Andrew Flanagan, eighty two ---- (former?) postmaster of Long Island City under President Cleveland, died at his home, 536 Second avenue, Astoria, yesterday. Mr. Flanagan had been associated with the Long Island Hygela(?) Ice Company of Long Island City but had retired some fifteen years ago He was the son of Andrew and Sarah Flanagan and was born at Hallets Cove, Long Island City, eighty-three years ago. He was a member of Lincoln council, Knights of Columbus, the Holy Name Society of Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church and the Exempt Fireman's Association. He was a trustee of Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church for many years and during the pastorate of Rev Father Phelan, was superintendent of the Sunday School of that church.

He is survived by two sons, Andrew Flangan and Julian Flanagan and two daughters Mrs B. McGrath and Mrs A. Henry, all of whom live in the Astoria section.

The funeral will be from the home at 9:00 Staturday morning thence to Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church, where a requiem mass will be offered. Interment at Calvary Cemetery.

From New York Times, Obituary Notes, Dec 30, 1921, pg 15. (Indexed in NYT Index to Names)
ANDREW FLANAGAN, for two terms Postmaster of Long Island City, died yesterday in Astoria, L.I. He was 83 years old.

Death Certificate Information 
Dec 29, 1921 - FLANAGAN, Andrew - Queens Cert# 4637
DOD:              Dec 29, 1921, 7:30am
DOB:              Jun (?), 1838   [sic]
Age:              83y 6m ?d
Occupation:       machinist, stat: widowed
Place of Death:   536 2nd av, type of premisis: private house
At res:           life
Birthplace:       USA
Father:           Andrew Flanagan, b. Ire
Mother:           Unknown, b. Eng
Attended fm:      Dec 26, 1921
Cause:            Chronic Arteriar(?) Rheumatism, duration 10 years
Contrib Cause:    Chronic endocarditis
Burial:           Calvary, Dec 31, 1921
Undertaker:       J Coyle #344
Doctor:           Berg....? 494? 49th?, L.I. City
Informant:        Mrs. Adele Henry, daughter

NOTES (pf) Photocopied and certified 12/97 at NYC Municipal Archives
Notation on back page (Physicians/Undertakers instructions) "Information omitted/ cannot be obtained - A.E. Henry, Daughter"

Death Certificate Information - Mrs Andrew Flanagan Jr.
Adelaide EXERTIER FLANAGAN, Certificate of Death,
Department of Health City of New York,
d.Apr 20, 1918, Queens, cert# 2101, NYC Municipal Archives.
Age             70
DOD:            04/20/18 8:40pm
DOB:            blank
Occ:            none, Stat: married
Place of Dth:   536 2nd av, Astoria, tp of premis: private
Birthplace:     USA; in US: life; in NY: life
Father:         Charles Exertier, b. France [sic]
Mother:         Annette Grapin, b. France
attended fm:    Apr 10, 1918
Cause:          chronic myocarditis, chronic nephritis
Contrib cause:  oedema of lungs
Burial:         Calvary, Apr 24, 1918
Undertaker:     C.J. Coyle, 245 E 90th
Doctor:         Diebold D. Uselfeld?, 70 E 77th st
Informant       Mrs Beatrice M.[cut off] , dau

NOTES (pf) Photocopied and certified 7/1998 at NYC Municipal Archives. Charles Exertier was born in Switzerland, not France. Informant whose name was clipped off would have been married daughter Beatrice McGrath.
Death Register Information - Andrew Flanagan Jr.'s Father-in-law
LIC register p15 #14
DOD:            Jan 23, 1872
Full name       Charles EXERTIER
Age:            60y 10m
Status:         married
Place of Dth:   Grand st, 4th ward
Birthplace:     Switzerland
Yrs resident in city: 20
Father:         b. Switzerland
Mother:         b. Switzerland
Cause:          consumption - 2 yrs from attack until death
Burial:         no POB listed
Undertaker:     none listed
Doctor: Henry Gourdier(?)

Death Register Information - Andrew Flanagan Jr.'s Mother-in-law
Long Island City Record of Death - Health Department - 1878, pg 63 c# 258
Name:           Annette EXERTIER
DOD:            Aug 25, 1878
Age             70
Status:         Widow
Place of Dth:   536 2nd Ave
How long resident
of city:        since formation *
Birthplace:     France
Father:         b. France
Mother:         b. France
Cause:          Exhaustion
Duration:       3 days
Burial:         Calvary
Undertaker:     G. Gates
Doctor:         W. R. Taylor

NOTES: Transcribed at NYC Municipal Archives, Dec 1998, by PF.
* since formation of Long Island City (May 1870). Many of the other elderly deaths on this page of the register also bore this phrase. Per city directories and census, the Exertiers moved from Manhattan to Astoria between 1855 and 1860. Their first listing in Manhattan was in 1845.
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