Background Emigrant Savings Bank genealogy records (Aug 25)
Finding Andrew Flanagan's place of origin .....(Sept 12)
George Evans of Bristol, England
Edmond Butler of Clonmel, Tipp., Ire
Below are transcriptions of the entries made in bank ledgers when four of our ancestors opened bank accounts during the 1850s at the Emigrant Savings Bank in Manhattan. We had prior knowledge of some of the information. Most of it is new.

Since the information was given verbally, off-the-cuff, sometimes years after immigration, it is certain that some individual items were misremembered, misheard or mistranslated. Some of it may be unprovable. We are undertaking verification and will make progress reports on this page from time to time. Meanwhile, it should be considered an important starting point but less than gospel.

Andrew Flanagan
First account: Test book 1 (reel #4)
Account No.3082
Date opened: Nov 3, 1852
Andrew Flanagan, Treas
& John Small, Chairman, Astoria "Mutual Benevolent Association"

Reference & Remarks, Andrew Flanagan:
Occupation: Mason
Residence: 2nd Ave. Astoria
none A.F. is a nat of Killine par. Athleague, Co. Galway /
Is a Mason. Arrd NY in July 1835 per ship Alfred from Liverpool.
Par. dead. Father Patk, Mother Cecily Galvin[?]
3 brothers Thos & John in US, James in Ireland.
3 sisters, Mary in US, Bridget and Honora in Ire.
Is married to Sarah ----? [unreadable - definitely not Matthews].
"9 ch. Ja Jn And Peter Edwd Henry Pat Wm[?] Tho [unreadable sign]"

Reference & Remarks, John Small: Hancock St, Ravenswood
Occupation: none listed
Native of Tulliard, Co. Mon. Arrv. NY in Sept 1829, per ship Wilkinson from Belfast.
Parents fa Pat mo Betty Murphy/ Bro Thos in US. 1 sis Mary in NY.
Is married to Mary Stevin. 7 chn Eliz, Alicia, Jno, Pat, James, Edwd, Thomas & William.

Andrew Flanagan's Second (personal) account: Test book 1 (reel #4)
Account No. 10730 Opened: Jany 9, 1856
Account holder:Andrew Flanigan,[sic]
[An amendment made April 8, 1870 (four days after Andrew's will was probated) adds the names Amelia Jones and Sarah Flanagan:]
Amend Sarah (her mark) Flanigan Admx [?] Amelia Jones [signature] husb George Morgan Jones nee Flanigan.
Occupation: Mason
Residence: Astoria, Long Island
Native of Grandyhua--r? [unreadable: see image (16k)] par. of Athleague, Co Galway. To US Jul 20, 1834 per ship "Alfred" from L.pool. Reference & Remarks:
Parents are dead. Father Pat. Mo. Cecily Galvine[?] is married to Sarah Mathews, 9 ch."
Andrew names 9 children and that number was correct on that date, as far as we know. However the names he gives conflict with what we "know". "Ja Jn And Peter Edwd Henry" are named correctly. "Pat Wm[?] Tho", are not.

According to the Flanagan gravestone, Andrew's son William died three months before he opened this account. The two girls, Catherine and Bridget Amelia, were left out, as was his youngest, Charles, who was a year old. "Pat and Tho" are unknown but happen to be his father's and brother's names.

PASSENGER LIST: Neither of the arrival dates Andrew gives are quite accurate, but I was able to locate the proper ship and date by consulting Passenger Ships Arriving in New York Harbor, 1820-1850, Bradley W. Steuart. Bountiful, UT: Precision Indexing, Inc, 1991+)

Andrew and Sarah Flanagan, sailed into port of N.Y. Jul 12, 1834 on the "Ship Alfred" See Andrew Flanagan sketch for details

TOWNLAND Andrew Flanagan's Parish and Townland

GALVIN - Several indexes of surnames in the Athleague area show GALVIN to have been a common surname in that area. Not so GALVINE. GALVINs were more plentiful in Roscommon than in Galway. Cecily is an uncommon name.

SIBLINGS: "3 brothers Thos & John in US, James in Ireland; 3 sisters, Mary in US, Bridget and Honora in Ire"
See Andrew Flanagan sketch for annotations
Sarah Flanagan
First account: Test book1 (reel #4)
Account number 52396, opened Sept 24, 1866
Occupation: HsWk
Residence: Astoria, LI
Reference & Remarks:
Born 1806, Staffordshire, Eng
Arrived 1834.
Hus. Andw, Nee. S. Waldon
Wart on left eye
This was the first of four accounts I found for Sarah, and the only one that had a detail entry in the Test Book.

The others (#91303 and #93402 in 1872 and #99865 in 1873) had no entry. I imagine her first account served as identification for the rest.
Edmund Butler (husband, Catherine Flanagan)
First account book 1 (reel#4)
Account number 6717, opened Apr 1, 1854
Occupation: Proof Reader for "The Mercantile Journal "
Residence: 75 Leonard St
Reference & Remarks:
Native of Clonmel, Ireland.
Arrived Oct 1/48 per ship "Albania" from L'pool.
Father dead, Jno., Mother in Clonmel, Mary Slattery
2 bro & 2 sisters in US, John, Thomas, Mary and Kate. Is single
Second Account: book 2 (reel #5)
Account No. 16735, Opened Apr 27, 1858
Occupation: Journalist
Residence: 117 Norfolk St
Reference & Remarks:
Edmond Butler "Same as 6717. Native of Ireland & Single."
FINDINGS: The ship "Albania" entered the port of N.Y.C. on September 28 rather than E.B.'s remembered Oct 1.
This list was transcribed in The Famine Immigrants.
Edmond BUTLER's name does not appear in that list, so while it was possible that he was present, it hasn't been confirmed. -- NARA series M237 reel# 75-list# 1115, NARA-Northeast Region, Varick St, NYC
George Evans (father-in-law, Charles A. Flanagan)
book 2 (reel #5)
Account No. 15523 opened Sep 26, 1857
Occupation: Ship Joiner
Residence: 387 9th street
Reference & Remarks:
Native of Bristol Eng. Arrived Jany 1849 per bark 'Apollo' from Grenock [? Greenock is a port nr. Glasgow]
Father Wm in Eng. Mother dead Rebecca Hall. Is married to Margt Crowe. No ch.
FINDINGS: The "bark Apollo " is listed as making one crossing to NYC: Oct 11, 1845. Other possibilties: Brig Apollo, Nov 15, 1847 (70-913); Ship Apollo - Jul 19, 1847 (68-512), Sep 12, 1848 (75-1038). Could George have arrived at a different port?
Claims to have no children, although his daughter Anna Loretto was reportedly born in 1855. Anna was also missing from George and Margaret's 1860 census listing.
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