Andrew FLANAGAN'S homeland as stated in Emigrant Savings Bank records

Domains and townland maps

Description of Athleague taken from 1837 and 1860 sources
15k Galway map

STATEMENT #1: "A.F. is a nat of Killine par. Athleague, Co. Galway"
STATEMENT #2: " Native of Grandyhua..r? [unreadable] par. of Athleague, Co Galway"
Athleague is a small parish that crosses the Roscommon/ Galway border. The smaller portion of Athleague (17 townlands) is in Galway; the larger (24 townlands) is in Roscommon.

AF mentioned "Killine." This could refer to Killian, the Barony within which Athleague in Galway resides.

16k-scan of undecipherable word
The third place name is undecipherable.
It appears to be "Grandyh...er" or "Ged..yh..r" but nothing remotely like these shows up in any list of Galway or Roscommon place names. It may have been written down phonetically. We suspect it may be Srahaunnagort (aka Thornfield) Athleague. www.townlands.ie/galway/killian/killeroran/srahaunnagort/

May 2017 updates to info about Andrew Flanagan place of birth