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Lewis Topographical Dictionary Of Ireland, 1837, Samuel Lewis
Athleague, County Roscommon entry

ATHLEAGUE, a post-town and parish, partly in the barony of KILLIAN, county of GALWAY, but chiefly in that of ATHLONE, county of Roscommon, and in the province of CONNAUGHT, 4 miles from Roscommon, and 79 from Dublin; containing 5361 inhabitants, of which number, 488 are in the town.

This parish is situated on the river Suck, and on the road from Roscommon to Mount-Talbot and Loughrea: it contains 7601 statute acres, as applotted under the tithe act; the state of agriculture is improving.

There are large tracts of bog, now being reclaimed, but not on an extensive scale; more than half of the Galway portion of the parish consists of this species of land.

Limestone and freestone of excellent quality abound ; and mines of iron were formerly worked, but were discontinued from the scarcity of fuel. Over the Suck is a long winding causeway bridge of ten arches carried from one islet to another, and forming a communication between the two counties; from one end of it the houses stretch along the right bank of the river, with a street or road ascending a bill at right angles ; the number of houses in the town, in 1831, was 84.

The principal seats in the parish are Rookwood, the handsome residence of E. Kelly, Esq.; Castle Kelly, the seat of D. H. Kelly, Esq., originally built as a castle in the 14th century.

The R. C. parish is co-extensive with that of the Established Church: the chapel is situated in the town, and is in bad repair. The parochial school is supported by subscription, and there are several hedge schools, on the books of which are 290 boys and 130 girls.

In 1819, some labourers digging for gravel under a bog that had been cut away, on the estate of Castle Kelly, found a gold fibula weighing 17 oz., now in the possession of the Very Rev. H. R. Dawson, Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin. A chalybeate spring issues from the hill of Mount-Mary

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Athleague and Athlone entries from National gazetteer, 1860

ATHLEAGUE- a parish and post town in the barony of Athlone, in the County of Roscommon, and partly in the barony of Killian, in the County of Galway, province of Connaught, Ireland, 4 miles to the S.W. of Roscommon. Clooneenbegg and Tromann are villages included in this parish.

It lies on both banks of the river Suck, which forms the boundaries of the two counties, and is here crossed by a causeway and a series of bridges passing from island to island. Much of the district is bog. There are quarries of good limestone and freestone. Iron has been obtained, but the mines are not now worked.

The living is a vicarage in the diocese of Kilmore, Ardagh, and Elphin, of the yearly value with the vicarages of Fuerty and Kilbegnet, of L314, in the patronage of the bishop. The church was formerly a family chapel, and is of great antiquity.. An abbey of gray friars was founded here at an early period. There are several seats of the gentry--Rockwood, Castle Kelly, Fortwilliam, &c. Fairs are held on the 11th July and the 24th September.

ATHLONE BARONY- one of the nine baronies or subdivisions of the co. Roscommon, in the prov. Connaught, Ireland. It lies on the southern part of the co., and is bounded by the baronies of Ballymoe and Ballintobber on the N., by Lough Ree and the co., West Meath on the E., by the barony Moycarn on the S., and by the river Suck which separates it from the co., Galway, on the W.

Comprised in the barony are the town of Athlone, the village of Mount Talbot, in the parishes if Cam, Drum, Dysart Fuerty, Killinvoy, Kilmeane, Kiltoom, Rahara, St. John's, St. Peter's, Taghmaconnell, Tisrara, with parts of ATHLEAGUE and Taghboy. It extends over an area of 146,183 acres .

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