References to the Flanagans in the Long Island City papers. Most are from the Long Island City Weekly Star, which began publication in 1881. Other sources, where known, are noted.
The Star is available on microfilm at the Long Island Room at Queensborough Central Library in Jamaica and also by Inter Library Loan from the New York State Library in Albany.
The bulk of those from 1881-1897 were compiled in 1989 by Rob Higgins.
The remainder of the citations were found in the scrapbooks of Anna EVANS FLANAGAN, wife of Charles FLANAGAN, the youngest child of Andrew and Sarah.
Most are just citations. Those that have been transcribed can be accessed by link.
RH=From Rob Higgins, November 1989. Long Island City Star. See notes
ALS=Transcribed from Anna EVANS FLANAGAN scrapbook. Various origins.
October 8, 1881
Andrew Flanagan is postmaster. Edward Shuker is a delegate to the Democratic Convention (Long Island City) Thomas Flanagan [unknown to us] is delegate to same from 4th Ward. Charles Flanagan active in the Catholic Knights.
December 8, 1881
Henry Flanagan, Maggie Casey, active in a fair at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.
Three cites (ALS):
  • Nov 24, 1882:
    Weekly Star
  • Date illegible:
    The Astoria Bulletin:
  • Dec 8, 1882:
    follow-up in Star
  • Star: CITY NEWS - Stripping a Church of Ivy
    Three burglars, caught by Officer Charles Flanagan and Officer Sheridan entering the Church of the Redeemer by window at 3 AM on the 23rd of November, explain that they were just gathering ivy. "They described themselves as Frenchmen, but could not give any reason for their nocturnal enterprise in search of botanical specimens".
    Star Follow-up: NOTICE: GRATEFUL VESTRYMEN The church issues a note of thanks to the officers for catching the men, who were suspected to be the perpetrators of frequent robberies in the vicinity.
    July 12, 1884
    Long Island Courier

    A DARING ROBBERY - A thief who had been, over several days, stripping the empty Henry Mansion (at the corner of Second and Jamaica) of lead and copper piping makes the mistake of tangling with Charles Flanagan, 5 foot 4, the smallest and one of the pluckiest police on the Astoria force.
    Oct 4, 1884
    N.Y. Daily News
    CAPTURE OF A BURGLAR IN ASTORIA officers Flanagan and Sheridan run in drugstore burglar James Reynolds "alias Jebby, aged 29 years, a desperate character residing in Astoria."
    Undated unidentified follow-up, "Yebbie" Reynolds receives two and a half years in Sing-sing.
    May 27, 1887
    Peter Flanagan is congratulated on birth of son. [Joseph Leo]
    July 8, 1887
    Raiding a Post Office.
    While Mr. Xertier Flanagan, was busily engaged in the Astoria Post Office, Tuesday morning, a boy, supposed to be Howard Warner, residing in Astoria, entered the building and appropriated the postal note book, stamp and punch. Postmaster Flanagan heard of the theft soon afterwards and at once notified the police and postal authorities, giving a minute description of the supposed thief.
    Mr. William Shukers, a young man twenty seven years old, died in Thursday morning at his residence on Hallett street, Astoria, from consumption. The deceased had been ill for some time past. The funeral will take place on Sunday
    July 15, 1887
    Charles Exertier Flanagan, son of the postmaster Andrew F., chief clerk in the Astoria P.O., arrested on a charge of opening letters and arraigned before the U.S. Commissioner in Bíklyn.
    August 5, 1887
    Evelyn Marie Flanagan, infant daughter of the postmaster died Sunday July 21,?, burial Calvary.
    January 25, 1889
    James Shuker, active in Primaries 5th Ward.
    February 14, 1890
    Performance of Trial by Jury at O.L. Mt. Carmel. Active were Pauline Flanagan, Henry F., Ceddie F.
    March 29, 1890
    Birthday party at home of Andrew Flanagan 536 Debevoise Ave for his daughter Birdie. Among those present were May Flanagan, Sadie F, George F, Renie F., Maggie F., Frank F., Nettie F., Harvey Jones, Walter Jones (and others).
    October 31, 1890
    Fair at O.L. Mt. Carmel involved M.T. Casey, Josie Flanagan, Andrew F., Charles F., Pauline F., Addie F., N. Delehanty.
    Fev 19, 1892
    A SAD CASE OF INCOMPATIBILITY Officer Flanagan arrests Mrs. Andrew Zalleha of 97 Fulton Ave for coming home drunk and beating up her husband. In court, "it was proven that each principal was a frequent sufferer at the hands of the other." The judge advised them to separate.
    Feb 19, 1892
    CAUGHT ROBBING THE TILL After catching a thief with his hand in her till, Mrs Annie Entholt, proprietor of a candy and cigar store at 213 Main St. tussled with him outside her store. After an accomplice freed him from Entholt's clutches, the two ran for the 92nd Street ferry. They were captured by Officer Flanagan.
    Followup: Mrs Enholt states that her conscience would not permit her to prosecute.
    August 5, 1892
    Madeline Flanagan, aged 1 yr 1 mo., of 536 Debevoise died July 28?
    Monday Aug 22, 1892
    IS HE A BOY BURGLAR? Linden Robinson, a 12-year-old boy was seen by passers-by burglarizing 560 Debevoise at 5pm on a Monday. Officer Charles Flanagan, sent to make an investigation ferreted the whole thing out, made the boy take him to the parties to whom he sold the articles, recovered them, took the boy to jail and charged him with burglary.
    January 6, 1893
    New Years Party at home of Stella Parsons, 57 Welling St., present, May Flanagan, Sadie F., Birdie F., George F.
    January 24, 1893
    New Years Party Birdie Flanagan and J.(?) Flanagan
    May 19, 1893
    Andrew Flanagan, the "ice man" of Debevoise St. bought a new horse.
    June 16, 1893
    Confirmation at O.L. Mt. Carmel: Nellie Flanagan, Nettie F., Raymond F., James F., Henry F., Andrew F., confirmed.
    August 4, 1893
    Euphaemia Shuker, 61 Hallett St., 10 mos. Died of diphtheria.
    September 22, 1893
    Peter Flanagan and Edward F., elected officers of 4th Ward Independent Demo.
    August 24, 1894
    Pauline Flanagan and friend Mamie Flynn return from vacation.
    January 25, 1895
    Catherine Casey, age 35, sister of George C., ex chief of the Fire Dept. died Jan. 18 at home of her bro-in-law Henry Flanagan 539 Debevoise, pneumonia, buried OLMC Cem.
    July 5, 1895
    Ella Shuker spending a week in Scarsdale.
    July 26, 1895
    Adele E. Flanagan of Debevoise moving to Troy, NY to work as stenotypist with Standard Sewing Mach. Co.
    August 9, 1895
    Holy Name Soc. Picnic. Active Andrew Flanagan senior and junior.
    March 6, 1896
    Pauline Flanagan reassigned (as teacher) to school #2.
    May 29, 1896
    Andrew Flanagan, the ice man, brother of acting Sergeant (Police) Flanagan had his horse stolen.
    August 21, 1896
    Charles Exertier Flanagan son of Andrew married Aug. 19 O.L. Mt. Carmel to Irene Robinson, Adele F. was bridesmaid. Nettie and Abby Flanagan on vacation in Rockaways.
    September 4, 1896
    Charles Ex. Flanagan and wife returned from Troy where they stayed with Addie F?
    Nov. 13, 1896
    Party at home of Anna E. Butler (address not given), present were George Flanagan and Irene F., Harry F., Loretta F.
    February 12, 1897
    front page retrospective on the "old 4th Ward School" presented an interview with a dignitary in the educational sphere who recalled the 7 Flanagan (sic!, should be 8; he goes on to list the 8) boys. He mentions that John F. is dead and that William F. was "killed by a falling embankment." (The lengthy article mentions the first board of trustees and the first teachers; the name Flanagan does not occur in these contexts).
    December 10, 1897
    Progressive Euchre? At Mt. Carmel Lyceum, prize won by Pauline Flanagan and Andrew F.
    February 26, 1897
    Winning essayists from O.L. Mt. Carmel school regarding Washington, Lincoln include Maggie Flanagan, 506 Debevoise, James L? F., 195 Main St.; from the high school a winner was Emily Delehanty.
    July 30, 1897
    Mrs. Edward Flanagan and daughter at Belmont, Alleghany County for the summer; Pauline F. is there too.
    Friday, March 25, 1898
    PASTTIMES AND PLEASURES - SURPRISE PARTY - Mentioned are the middle children of Andrew, Peter, Henry, Edward and older children of Charles. Also Dempsey children.
    Sat., Nov 22, 1902
    THE ELITE SOCIAL CLUB at Frank DEMPSEY's residence, 347 Jamaica Ave
    Undated, 1902?
    MISS THORPE SURPRISED - probably 1902
    (when Oct 1 was on a Wed)
    MISS THURNER SURPRISED - undated but probably later than the two 1902 items above. (Younger Flanagans mentioned)

    No further references through January 7, 1898.

    The foregoing presents such references to the Flanagan clan as I have come upon to date. The L.I.C. Weekly Star continues until 1920 or so and I hope to get back to it. (There are gaps in the files and some problems with legibility). I should add:

    1. During the years Peter Flanagan was an elected member of the L.I.C. Board, his name appeared regularly in the paper in connection with Board minutes, etc. I have not noted these occurrences because there seemed to be nothing of personal significance.

    2. Pauline Flanagan's name turned up regularly in lists of teacher assignments and holiday programs, etc. There seemed to be nothing of personal significance in these occurrences.

    3. There were a number of items where "Butler’s" were present at affairs with Flanagans. There was no occurrence of the name Catherine Flanagan/Catherine Butler. The Butlers mentioned lived at 30 Carver St. (a northern extension of Lockwood St. The parents were Henry & Mary (natives of Ireland, 1880 census) Their children were Annie (age 2, 1880), and John (age 1, 1880). Other names were Agnes M.L. Butler, Janie Butler, Harry F.X. Butler.

    4. On social occasions where adolescent Flanagans were present, a regular performer on piano and in singing was Mary (May) Flanagan (my aunt, Paul's grandmother).
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