ANDREW AND SARAH FLANAGAN scans of xeroxes. Originals in care of Fliedner family

Sarah? Possibly Sarah MATHEWS FLANAGAN b. 1804-05 Birmingham, Eng; d. 1877, Astoria. Undated photo, c1860?? - 11k

Andrew, Sr. Andrew FLANAGAN b. 1804? Athleague, Co. Galway, Ire; d. 1870, Astoria. Undated photo, c1860?? This picture was scanned from a Xerox of an original. - 13k

JAMES FLANAGAN Second child, b. Jan 19, 1835 Brooklyn, d. May 23, 1891, Astoria.

Two gravestones, in the DELAHANTY plot at Mt. St. Mary's, Flushing. Burial places of James and Bridget DELAHANTY FLANAGAN, and John and Rose (LAWLOR) DELAHANTY
ANDREW FLANAGAN JR Fourth child of Andrew and Sarah. born Jun 15, 1839 in Halletts Cove, Astoria, d. Dec 29, 1921, Astoria. Scans of xeroxes, originals in care of Helen Hinkeldey

Andrew F. FLANAGAN Jr. Outdoor portrait, back yard of his son Julian's house variously dated as late 1870s-early 1880 or the 1890s - 19k

Wedding portrait, m. Oct 12, 1865, Astoria(?) Andrew Jr. and Adelaide EXERTIER (b. Mar 04, 1848 Manh, d. Apr 20, 1918 Astoris) - 19k

Photos of the Andrew Flanagan/Exertier gravestone at Calvary. Onetwothree. For readability's sake, I made these high resolution.

Pauline Exertier FLANAGAN, Andrew and Sarah's first grandchild. b. Jun 03, 1867 d. Mar 05, 1921, Astoria. Was a schoolteacher in Astoria.
CATHERINE FLANAGAN BUTLER Fifth child b. Sep 17, 1840 Astoria, m. 1858-59 Astoria? d. Jun 22, 1888 Omaha (Scans of xeroxes, originals in care of Mary Casey)

Kate FLANAGAN BUTLER - Undated studio portrait, probably c. 1875-80 - 18k

Col. Edmond BUTLER was b. Mar 19, 1827 Clonmel, Tipp, Ire, d. Aug 21, 1895 Trouville, France bur. Omaha
Edmond BUTLER as young man Undated studio portrait, probably 1860s - 15k -
Edmond BUTLER in old age - Undated studio portrait, probably ca. 1875-80 - 18k

CHARLES A. FLANAGAN FAMILY Eleventh and youngest child b. Jun 19, 1851 Astoria, d. Jan 11, 1918, Astoria. married Anna Loretto EVANS CA. 1878-79 From original photographs, in care of Fagan family

Charles Flanagan 1851-1918 - Undated studio portrait, probably c. 1910 - 14k

George, Anna, Margaret EVANS? Detail from undated, unidentified tintype. Probably the EVANS family, c. 1867. Charles FLANAGAN's future wife Anna (1855-19434) with her parents, George EVANS (c1825-1869) and Margaret CROUGH (c1832-1911) - 26k

Possibly Anna EVANS Undated studio portrait, c1875? Manhattan photo studio - 11k

Anna EVANS FLANAGAN, c1930 Snapshot taken alongside house at 506 2nd Ave, Astoria - 15k

Anna, Agnes & Emily Detail from undated snapshot, Freeport, c1926 - Anna EVANS FLANAGAN (left) with daughter Agnes FAGAN and granddaughter Emily - 16k

Three Flanagan gravestones at Mt. St. Mary's, Flushing. Henry, Charles and Edward FLANAGAN plots.

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