Long Island Daily Star, ---------- Pauline E. Flanagan

The funeral of Miss Pauline E. Flanagan, whose death occurred last Saturday after a lingering illness, was held this morning from her late residence, 536 Second avenue, Astoria, thence to the church of Our Lady of Mt Carmel where a solemn mass of requiem was offered by its pastor Rev charles P Gibney, assisted by Rev John B Delea and Rev John Manon. Interment took place in the family plot in Calvary Cemetery.

Miss Flanagan was graduated from the old Fourth Ward school and for thirty years was a teacher in the public schools of Long Island City. At the time of her retirement two years ago, she had taught for twenty-six years at Public School No 6, where she had charge of the graduating class, and her charm of manner and her devotion to her profession endeared her to the teachers and pupils, to whom her life was an example and inspiration.

Miss Flanagan was an ardent church worker and served for several years as president of both the Solidarity of the Blessed Virgin and the Altar Society of the church of Our Lady of Mt Carmel.

She is survived by her father, Andrew Flanagan, who was born in Astoria eighty-two years ago and who served as postmaster of the old village of Astoria; two sisters, Mrs Adele E. Henry and Mrs Beatrice McGrath; and two brothers, Andrew Flangan, Jr. and Julian E. Flanagan.

The funeral services were largly attended, delegations being present from the Public School No. 6, the Solidarity of the Blessed Virgin, the Rosary Society and the Altar Society of the Church of Our Lady of Mt Carmel.
NOTE (pf) I believe Pauline, born 1867, was the first grandchild of both Andrew and Sarah FLANAGAN born in Astoria. Preceding her were the Catherine Butler's children, all born elsewhere. Sarah had several SHUKER grandchildren from her first marriage to James WALDRON.

Death Certificate Information 
Mar 05, 1921 - FLANAGAN, Pauline Exertier - CERTIF# 964 Queens
DOD:               March 05, 1921, 10am
DOB:               Jun 3, 1869; Age: 51y 4m 2d 
                   (DOB sic.  was 1867)
occ:               Schoolteacher, status: single
Place of Dth:      536 2nd av; type of premis: private house
Usual res:         life
Birthplace:        Astoria
in NY:             life
Father:            Andrew Flanagan, b. NYC [sic]
Mother:            Adelaide Exertier, b. NY, NY
attended fm:       Jan 8, 1921
Cause:             cerebral hemhorrage - 1 day
contrib Cause:     Rt hemiplegia the result of prior ???- 8 years
Burial:            Calvary, Mar 8, 1921
Undertaker:        J Coyle #344, 245 E 90th NYC
Doc:               Bergen?, 494 24th st?

NOTES (pf) photocopied and certified 12/97 at NYC Municipal Archives
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