CAF obituary died Jan 11, 1918 - Obituary Charles FLANAGAN, probably from the Long Island Star

In the death of Charles A. FLANAGAN of 506 Second Avenue, Astoria has lost one of its best known citizens.

Mr FLANAGAN was born in Astoria 66 years ago on 2nd Ave just opposite the house where he died. Since he married Miss Anna EVANS 39 years ago he has lived in the same house continuously.
[Marriage date unknown. Probably autumn of 1878]

Mr FLANAGAN was a member of the police dept in L.I.C. for 37 years until his retimement 3 years ago. He joined the LIC police force in 1880 and was a member of the Astoria precinct until consolidation.
[Per NYPD archives, was hired Jun 6, 1877; retired Jul 21, 1914 Was in Queens Precinct 1 (Astoria) This became the 74th NYC precinct after consolidation (1898)]

For 12 years Mr FLANAGAN was detailed for duty at the tax office in the borough hall and 2 years he was with the board of health in Jamaica. He was a member of the Lincoln council, The Knights of Columbus, Holy Name Soc of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Veteran Firemen's assn. Until 10 months [weeks] ago, Mr FLANAGAN enjoyed perfect health. At that time he suffered a stroke of paralyses from which he never fully recovered.

Mr. FLANAGAN is survived by his wife Anna, 5 daughters, Mrs Margaret GRANT of the Bronx, Mrs Loretta DEMPSEY & Mrs Agnes FAGAN both of Astoria, Mrs Estella FERGUSON of Dover N.J., and Miss Emily FLANAGAN of Astoria, a teacher at School 12 in Winfield, and by 3 brothers, Andrew, Henry and Edward FLANAGAN, all of Astoria.

The funeral will be held at the family residence 506 Second Ave, on Monday morning Jan 14th at 9:30. thence to Our Lady of Mt Carmel, 10am. where a scheduled requiem mass will be offered for the repose of his soul. The interment will be in Mount St. Mary's cemetery, Flushing, LI under the direction of John J. Keegan.

From New York Times, Obituary Notes, Jan 13, 1918, I 21:1. (Indexed in NYT Index to Names)
CHARLES A. FLANAGAN, a retired member of the New York Police Department, died on Friday at his home, 506 Second Avenue, Long Island City.
DEATH CERTIFICATE - Charles A. FLANAGAN, - Queens cert #263 Dept of Health, City of New York, Certificate of Death. - Bureau of Records Certified Transcript from the Records of Deaths Reported to the Dept of Health of the City of New York. filed Jan. 13, 1918 - a true copy (certified)
Died             January 11, 1918, 5am
Place of Death:  504 - 2nd Ave, L.I. City, private premises, [sic - was 506]
Date of Birth    June 14, 1851 [sic - every other source cites Jan 19, 1851]
Age              66y 6m 22d, Male, White, married.
Occupation:      Retired policeman
Birthplace:      U.S., In U.S, and in N.Y.: life
Father:          Andrew Flanagan,  b. Ireland
Mother:          Sarah A. Matthews, b. England
Doctor attended
deceased         from Dec 26, 1917 to Jan 11, 1918.
Last seen alive  Jan 10, 1918
Cause of death   Cerebral Apoplexy, duration 2 mos, 15 days
Contributary     Chronic Endarteritis
Doctor           John A. Ronayne, M.D. 800 Crescent St. LIC
Burial           St. Mary's Cem. Jan 14, 1918
Undertaker       John J. Keegan, 72 Newtown ave. Astoria, NY
NOTES from PF: Certified carbon copy in Emily Flanagan papers. Typewritten, signed by asst. registrar.
Mar 20, 1934 - FLANAGAN, Anna Loretto (EVANS) - Queens cert# 2102
DOD:            03/20/34 10am
DOB:            Feb 22, 1857 [sic], Age: 77, occ: housework, stat: widowed
wife/husb       blank
Place of Dth:   3071 31 st, Astoria
tp of premis:   private
Birthplace:     New York City, in NY: life
Father:         George Evans, b. NY city [sic]
Mother:         Margaret Crough, b. Canada
Attended fm:    Mar 10, 1934, Cause:   Bronchopneumonia - 10 days
contrib Cause:  Chronic myocardia - duration unknown
Burial:         St Mary's  Mar 23, 1934
Undertaker:     M.E. Conway #2200, 10-57 Jackson av, LIC
Doc:            George Kaplan, 4545 46 st, Woodside
NOTES from PF:
No informant was named, so the source of the questionable items is unclear. Emily FLANAGAN was the most likely source, but having known Emily, I don't expect errors of this nature from her. Perhaps one of the sons-in-law ( Bill Dempsey or Thomas F. Fagan) not familiar with Anna's background, dealt with the coroner.
Anna's father, George EVANS was born in Bristol, England, not NYC.
Her DOB: most cited is Feb 22, 1855, however we have conflicting information regarding the year. Furthermore. George Evans reported himself as childless in a bank account opened Sep 26, 1857 and Anna was not included in her parents' 1860 census listing. I have found no baptismal record for her. Checked so far: St. Peter's on Barclay St, where her parents married.

Jul 10, 1911 - EVANS, Margaret (CROW) Queens cert# 2163 DOD: Jul 10, 1911 12pm; Age 81 Status widowed, occupation: none died at 506 2nd ave LI City (private) b. Canada; Years in US: 60 Years; in NY: 60 Father: Thomas Croft [sic] b. Ire Mother: Unknown, b. Ire First attended: Jan 1, 1910 Cause: of death: chronic endocarditis; contrib: heat prostration Burial: Calvary Jul 12, 1911 Undertaker: John J. Keegan, 35 Steinway & LIC Doctor: John A Rinay, 800 Crescent St, LIC Informant not named (probably Anna L. FLANAGAN)
NOTES from PF:
Death certificate photocopied from LDS film# ----
This is the only direct reference to Margaret's father's name. However there was an undated obituary in Anna's papers for a Johanna SCANLAN, wife of a Thomas CROUGH who died in Montreal. I believe this Thomas was her brother.
Re the spelling CROFT, this may have been a case of mishearing. We have spellings CROW, CROWE and CROUGH elsewhere.

Obit: Daily Star, Wednesday July 12, 1911
Margaret Evans, eighty-one years. 506 Second avenue, Long Island City
Death notice, unknown paper - found in Chas FLANAGAN prayerbook, pg. 33
EVANS, on Monday July 10th, 1911, Margaret EVANS, beloved mother of Mrs Charles A. FLANAGAN.
Funeral from her late residence 506 Second Ave, Astoria, LIC, Wednesday July 12, at 10am, our Lady of Carmel, Astoria, where a requiem mass will be sung for the repose of her soul. Interment Calvary Cemetery.

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