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NOTE: Annotations by P. Fagan. The material on Andrew Flanagan Sr., as remembered by his son 25 years after Andrew's death, contains several known errors, which I have annotated. The unannotated material is not necessarily true. We have simply not uncovered conflicting evidence.
The material on Andrew Flanagan Jr. is presumably more accurate. See my own biographical sketch of Andrew Flanagan Sr.

Notes and Corrections
1. Not Roscommon, but Galway, per AF's Emigrant Savings Bank account record. See Andrew Flanagan Sr. sketch for details
2. Jul 12, 1834 arrival in NYC documented. A family story exists that Andrew went to England as a boy. So far no evidence has emerged to support any specific time of emigration to England. His 1832 marriage certificate was the earliest proof of his presence in England
3. A short stay in Brooklyn has been documented. In his marriage dispensation petition to the Diocese of Brooklyn, eldest child James reported his birthplace as Brooklyn. James' generally accepted DOB was Jan 19, 1835, six months after their arrival. Andrew Sr. never appeared in the Brooklyn city directories.
4. Brooklyn was correct, but the dates were not. "Andrew Flanagan of Brooklyn" purchased his first two parcels of land in Astoria in 1836. Deed was drafted Apr 16, 1836; filed in Queens court May 30, 1836.
5. Until ca. 1856 Andrew Sr. listed occupation as mason. All listings from 1860 forward were as a grocer. He died Feb 25, 1870.
6. Aug 25, 1877, age 73 is more likely
7. James Waldron
8. This count was actually children still alive at the time the sketch was compiled. It excludes one girl and two boys, born in the US who were deceased before 1896. It also omits Ann Nora, born to Andrew and Sarah in England. Complete count: 3 girls and 8 boys.
9. Oct 12, 1865
ANDREW FLANAGAN, proprietor of one of the largest ice houses in Long Island City, has been connected with this business longer than any other citizen of this locality. He is also the owner of much valuable property in this city and in almost all his ventures has met with success.

Mr. Flanagan was born in Astoria in 1839. His father, also Andrew Flanagan, was a native of County Roscommon, Ireland, 1 but upon attaining mature years he went to England, where he learned his trade - that of a mason - and remain there until coming to America in 1832 or 1833. 2

He first made his home in Brooklyn 3, but about 1833 we find him living in Astoria, 4 where he was engaged as a general contractor until his death, when sixty-six years of age. 5

As may be supposed, he was one of the very earliest residents of Long Island City and in that day there was no other means of transportation between the city and points on the island than the sloops.

Andrew Flanagan, Sr., was married to Sarah A. MATTHEWS, a native of Birmingham, England. She survived her husband several years, departing life when seventy-six years of age. 6 She had been twice married, her first union being with a Mr. 7 WALDRON of England, and to them was born a daughter, Mary A. now Mrs. SHUKER, of Long Island City. Her marriage With Mr. Flanagan, however, resulted in the birth of seven children, six sons and one daughter. 8

The subject of this sketch was reared and educated in this city, and upon leaving school he was apprenticed to a machinist in New York City. For a time he worked for the Root Steam Engine Co., also learning steam and gas fitting. After following this business in all fourteen years he abandoned it in order to become a dealer in ice.

June 13, 1874, he purchased the ice business owned by John O'Connor and immediately set about increasing his trade. His ice was obtained at that time from Trains Meadow, Newtown and East River, but after ten years cutting ice at these points he transferred his operations to the upper Hudson and Kennebec Rivers. Of late, however, he gets his supplies from the Knickerbocker Ice Company and supplies his customers with the purest natural ice that can be obtained anywhere. He runs constantly five wagons, and during the summer months puts on extra help. Although at one time his route took in nearly the whole of Long Island City, he now confines his trade to Astoria, Steinway and Schuetzen Park. Mr. Flanagan also engages in the scavenger business, giving employment to two teams and several men.

About 1866 9 occurred the marriage of our subject and Miss Adelaide Exertier, a native of New York City and the daughter of Charles Exertier, who was born in Geneva, Switzerland. He was of French Extraction and came to America when thirty two years of age, his marriage occurred in New York City. He was an importer of liquors and carried on a large wholesale trade in New York until retiring from business, making his home in Astoria until his death, which occurred when sixty-one years of age. His wife, Annette Grapin, who was born near Paris, France, is now deceased, passing away when aged three score years and ten. Mrs. Flanagan, who was their only child, was educated in the schools of Astoria and St. Vincent de Paul School of New York.

To our subject and his wife have been born seven children: Pauline Exertier, a finely educated young lady and at present teaching in the fourth ward of this place; Charles Exertier, the assistant of his father in his business; Adelaide Exertier, Beatrice Theresa, Andrew Joseph, Raymond Aloysius and Julian Evans. The family occupy a pleasant home at No. 536 Debevoise Street, which Mr. Flanagan had erected for his special use. He has large stables in Grand Avenue, also a brick building, with stable adjoining, on the corner of Debevoise Street and Grand Avenue.

Mr. Flanagan has always manifested a high degree of interest in all that pertains to the welfare of his city, although he has never desired to hold office. Socially, he is a member of John Allen Lodge, No. 330, A.O.U.W., and Lodge No 17 F. & A. M., of Long Island City. He is likewise connected with the Veteran Fireman Is Association. In national politics he is Democratic, but is not radical. He is a member of the Long Island City Building and Loan Association and has aided many worthy causes by influence. In religion he is a devout Catholic, being identified with the Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, which he helped to build. His father was one of the founders of this body here and for many years was trustee.
Portrait and Biographical Record of Queens Co., ( unkn. auth. NY & Chi: Chapman Publishing Co, 1896) is available in the Long Island Room at Queensborough Central Library in Jamaica. Also at the New England Historical and Genealogical Society, Boston, MA (local history, 5th floor).
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