Boyd's 1864-65 directory of Astoria, Queens, Long Island, New York
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This compilation by occupation was not a published work, but created for web display. To make more logical groupings in this list, I've taken some occupations out of alphabetical order and put them into higher level groups. Thus all flavors of a some occupations (such as druggists and chemists) are grouped together.
I reproduced the spelling of surnames as is, street names are regularized. See location listing for details.

Source: Boyd's directory of Astoria, East New York...etc., Long Island, 1864/65 available on film at Queens Central Library, Jamaica. (Also on FHC# 1930448)

Abbreviations Ab. above: al. alley; bel. below; b. or bet. between; c or cor. corner; ct. court; ft. foot; h. house ; ln. lane; opp. oppos; n. near ; r. rear; rd. road; sq. square; N. North ; E. East; W. West; S. South.
Surname, 1st name, occupation, Address (home unless noted), comment
KENZEL, Charles W., agent, Clinton n Franklin
SCRIVENER, R. J., agent (N.Y.), Remsen n Franklin
TROWBRIDGE, W. P., agent, , Franklin n Remsen
JOHNSON, T. W., agt, Flushing ave n junc Newtown ave
PEAK, , agt, Camelia c Primrose al, rear

ALLEN, A. B., agricultural implements (N.Y.), Sunswick Terr c Fulton., bds
WRIGHT, Charles, architect, Main n Welling

MCELVINE, William, artist, Grand c 1st ave

LAWRENCE, James V. H., assistant commissary, Wardell n the river

RITCHIE, M. Mrs., Astoria Herald, Main junc Fulton, business
RITCHIE, M. Mrs., Astoria Herald, 2 Greenoak, home

WILLSON, Marcius, author, Sunswick Terr n Broadway
DIESTEL, C., barber, Main junc Fulton, business
DIESTEL, C., barber, Main n Fulton, home
HANS, Philip, barber, Fulton c Main, home/business

CARLAN, William, blacksmith, William n Willow
CHOWN, John R., blacksmith, Main n Woolsey
DONNELLY, P., blacksmith, Franklin n junc Main, home/business
MCDOOL, James, blacksmith, Fulton n Stevens
MORRIS, Cornelius R., blacksmith, Fulton, head of, home
MORRIS, John L., blacksmith, Fulton junc Main, boards
MORRIS, Cornelius R., blacksmith, Fulton opp. Washington, business
MORRIS, C. R., blacksmith, Fulton junc Main
RISDALE, Charles, Blacksmith, Main n Sunswick Terr
SCHWIND, F., blacksmith, Flushing ave n junc Newtown ave, business
SCHWIND, Stephen, blacksmith, Henry n Flushing ave
SCHWIND, F., blacksmith, Henry n Flushing ave, home

HOYT, Cornelia A. Mrs., boarding house, Sunswick Terr c Fulton
MUNSON, Eliza Mrs., boarding house, Fulton c Sunswick Terr

COMFORT, John Henry, bookbinder, Front n Fulton
CORLEY, John R., bookbinder (N.Y.), Welling opp Grand

KINNINMENT, Robert, bookkeeper, Henry n Newtown ave

STRANG, Isaac B., boxmaker, Broadway n Sunswick Terr, home/business
WATSON, Joshua W., boxmaker, Broadway n Emerald.,
WOOD, Chas. H., butler, Shore road n Woolsey,
FLOYD, John, boatman, Sunswick Terr opp Main
MACKEY, Osborn, boatman, Front n Fulton

BAKER, George L., Capt., Fulton c Stevens
DITMARS, Edward, Capt., Main junc Fulton
SEAMAN, A. R., Capt., Clinton n Franklin
TOWNSEND, John, Capt., Fulton n the Ferry

HANSON, Henry, seaman, Main n Willow
DAW, John, sailor, William n Emerald
TUTTLE, Daniel, pilot, Fulton n the Ferry

SHAW, Henry, carman, Flushing ave n Henry

HOYT, Sprague & Co., carpet manft., Ridge c Remsen
REISIG, WM, carpet manuf't and dyer, Broadway c Emerald, business
REISIG, WM, carpet manuf't and dyer, Broadway c 1st ave, home
MARTIN, Michael, carpet weaver, Fulton n Stevens
MALONEY, JOHN, agt carpet works, Ridge c Remsen, home/business

PETERDENG, G., carriage maker, Broadway n Sunswick Terr
TAYLOR & SCWARTZ, carriage makers, Broadway n Sunswick Terr
TAYLOR, Thomas, (Taylor & Scwartz), Broadway n Sunswick Terr
SCWATZ, Charles, (Taylor & Scwatz), Broadway n Emerald

SIMMON, Charles, carver, Newtown ave n Buchanan

CURTIS, Samuel D., caulker, 5 Cottage Row
KIDDER, George, caulker, 5 Cottage Row, boards

MOODY, John, chair seater, Flushing ave n Henry

HATFIELD, Chas., cigar maker, Fulton c Main, home/business
LOEWE, Charles, cigar maker, Fulton n Stevens
NEIZENGER, John, cigar maker, Newtown ave n Buchanan
RINK, Joshua S., cigar maker, Newtown ave n junc Grand
UDDER, Henry, cigar maker, Buchanan n Grand
WEINEK, William, segar maker, Flushing ave n Henry
WHITE, William, segar maker (N.Y.), 1st ave n Grand

RAPELYE, John M., clerk, Flushing ave n Henry
VONGENSTEN, Frederick, clerk, Woolsey n Franklin
WILLIS, Wm., clerk, National Hotel, bds.

GIFFORD, Henry, clerk (N.Y.), Broadway n Emerald
MOSS, William P., clerk (N.Y.), Franklin n Woolsey
TROWBRIDGE, W. S., clerk (N.Y.), Franklin c Remsen
TROWBRIDGE, Miner, clerk (N.Y.), Franklin c Remsen, bds.
WARD, Moses, clerk (N.Y.), Franklin c Woolsey
WILLARD, A., clerk (N.Y.), Broadway c Academy
NORRIS, Joseph P., clerk custom house, Wardell n the river

CALDWELL, Edwin, clock maker, Main n Sunswick Terr

HENSHAW, ___, coachman, Willow c St. John's pl
HOWE, Chas., coachman, Fulton n Stevens
MARSHALL, Israel, coachman, Carver n Flushing ave
O'CONNOR, Peter, coachman, Fulton n Stevens
WOOLFARTH, Eli, coachman, Carver n Newtown ave

TISDALE, JAMES, coal and lumber, Sunswick Terr n Fulton, business
TISDALE, JAMES, coal and lumber, Franklin c Stevens (see adv.), home
JACKSON, A. & W. H., coal dealers, Fulton n Perrot ave

PLOCH, John. D., currier, Main n Sunswick Terr
AUSTIN, Chas., carpenter, Fulton n Stevens
AUSTIN, James,, carpenter, 2nd ave n Grand
BARCLAY, Robert, Carpenter, Main n Woolsey
BRAGAN, George, carpenter, Academy n Jamaica ave
CLARK, Martin, carpenter, Carver n Newtown ave
CROSLY, James, carpenter, Fulton c Washington
DALGLEISH, Alexander, carpenter, Fulton junc Main
FLANIGAN, James, carpenter, Franklin n junc Main
FLEMING, ANDREW G., carpenter, Main n Willow, home/business
HAGUE, Benjamin, carpenter, Broadway n Sunswick Terr
HIGBIE, Stephen, carpenter, Henry n Flushing ave
HOWELL, Chas., carpenter, Newtown ave c 3d ave, home
HOWELL, Richard, carpenter, 2nd ave n Grand
HOWELL, Chas., carpenter, Newtown ave junc Flushing ave, business
HOWELL, George, carpenter, Flushing ave n Carver
HOWELL, L., carpenter, Emerald n Grand
HURST, Robert, carpenter, Newtown ave n Henry
KETCHAM, Warren, carpenter, Academy n Grand, boards
MCGARRAH, Levi, carpenter, Fulton n Perrot ave
MORRIS, Samuel, carpenter, Fulton opp Washington, business
MORRIS, Samuel, carpenter, Flushing ave n Henry, home
NELSON, E., carpenter, Buchanan n Grand
READY, Morris, carpenter, St. John's pl c Emerald
SCOTT, John D., carpenter, Franklin n William
SHULTZ, Frederick, carpenter, Flushing ave c Henry
SNEIDER, Conrad, carpenter, Willow n St. John's pl
STAFFORD, P., carpenter, Willow n William
STRANG, Charles W., carpenter, Sunswick Terr c Camelia, business
STRANG, Charles W., carpenter, Broadway c Sunswick Terr, home
STRAUP, Christopher, carpenter, Main n Woolsey
TURNER, Henry, carpenter, Henry n Newtown we
TUTTLE, Smith, carpenter, Ridge n Remsen
WATERS, Andrew, carpenter, Fulton n Stevens
WHITEHEAD, John J., carpenter, Front n Fulton
CONNOLLY, James, carpenter (N.Y.), Main n Willow
MESEROLE & BEASLEY, , carpenters and builders, Main n Sunswick Terr
BAISLEY, Watson, (Meserole & Baisley), Flushing ave n Henry
MESEROLE, John P., (Meserole & Baisley), Academy n Grand

DAMM, Wenzel, cabinet maker, William n Willow, home/business
ROADER, George, cabinet maker, Henry n Newtown ave, home/business
RUDDEMAN, John, cabinet maker, 2 Cottage Row

BROWN, Joseph, boat builder, Front n Fulton, home/business

ATCHESON, John, ship wright, Willow n St. John's pl
CARNEY, Jollies, ship carpenter, Front n Fulton
CHADLICH, ----, ship carpenter, Fulton n Stevens
CHILD, Horace, ship carpenter, Stevens n Fulton
COSTELLO, Patrick, ship carpenter, Front n Fulton
CURTIS, Joseph, ship carpenter, Front n the Ferry
LAMBERT, Thomas, ship carpenter, Clinton n Fulton
RANDALL, ----, ship carpenter, Fulton n Stevens
WALKER, ----, ship carpenter, Ridge n Emerald
WOODS, Michael, ship carpenter, Front n Fulton
SILKWORTH, Amos, ship yard, Fulton n Front, Business addr; home in Greenpoint
GOETZ, T.E., chemist, Camelia c Primrose
HOYT, John, asst. chemist, Sunswick Terr c Fulton, boards
PHILLIPS, George B., chemist, Sunswick Terr c Fulton, boards
QUERN, Edmond, chemist, Academy n Grand
AVERELL, Isaac M., druggist, Front n Fulton.
MUCHMORE, WILLIAM F., druggist, telegraph operator and Postmaster, Fulton n junc Main, home/business
BESSUX, Joseph Mrs., dress maker, 2nd ave n Broadway

BURBARK, Frederick, driver, Carver n Flushing ave
CROCOM, John, driver, Woolsey opp. Willow
DIXON, John, driver, Fulton n Perrot ave
QUINLAN, Patrick, driver, Buchanan n Newtown ave

QUINN, John, dry goods, Fulton n Stevens, home/business
FARQUHAR, Wm., dry goods (N.Y.), 1st ave n Grand
HEWITT, T., dry goods (N.Y.), Franklin n Remsen
HOYT, Edward, dry goods (N.Y.), Shore road n Woolsey
STREMMELL, Jonas, dry goods (N.Y.), 4 St. George's Row
TROWBRIDGE, Henry, dry goods (N.Y.), Remsen opp Baylies
CLARK, John, engineer, Front n Fulton
MURPHY, B., engineer, Front n Fulton
NEWTON, Charles 0., engineer, Main n junc Fulton
NEWTON, Joseph D., engineer, Main n junc Fulton
PURCELL, Patrick, engineer, Broadway n Sunswick Terr
VAN ALST, James H., engineer, Main n Sunswick Terr
VERITZAN, George, engineer, Main n Sunswick Terr
WHITE, Henry, engineer, Main n Sunswick Terr

ELLISON, Samuel, engraver, Fulton n the Ferry

TALLMAN, William, express man, Fulton c Stevens
REED, A., expressman, Flushing ave n Henry
WHITNEY, Edward, expressman, Fulton c Main, business
WHITNEY, Edward, expressman, 1st ave n Grand, home

BROWN, S. R. Mrs., fancy goods, Fulton n junc Main, home/business
CAMPBELL, Mary Mrs., fancy goods, William c Emerald, home/business
GREEN, Mrs., fancy goods, Fulton junc Main, home/business
VENDENHOFF, George, fancy goods, Main n Emerald, home/business

MUFF, John G., farmer, Main n Woolsey
SHEILA, Hugh, farmer, Flushing ave n Carver

BUCHANAN, Isaac, florist, Newtown ave c Buchanan, h. (N.Y.)
DONADI, Matheo, florist, Academy n Grand, home/business
MARC, G., florist, Newtown ave c Marc, home/business
MUIR, Samuel, florist, Newtown ave n junc Grand

CROUTHERS, Wm., flour and feed, Fulton n junc Main, home/business

ALEXANDER, Robert, foreman, Ridge n Emerald
MURPHY, Thomas, foreman, Main n Sunswick Terr

REBOUL, Chas., fur dealer (N.Y.), Perrott ave n Franklin, Rebout?

HALLETT, C. W., furniture and undertaker, Fulton n Stevens, business
HALLETT, C. W., furniture and undertaker, Emerald n Linden, home
LANCASHIRE, F. A., butcher, 3 Cottage Row, home
LANCASHIRE, F. A., butcher, Main c Remson, business
SMITH, Ezar, butcher, Front n Fulton
WEISSENSTEIN, GEORGE, butcher, Franklin c Willow, home/business
TIER, David M. & Son, butchers, Fulton c Stevens
TIER, David M., (David M. Tier & Son), Perrot ave n Fulton
TIER, David M. jr., (David M. Tier & Son), Perrot ave n Fulton

MOSS, James, fish dealer, Fulton n the Ferry, business; home in NY

BLACKWELL, H.F. & W. T., country store, Fulton opp. Stevens
BLACKWELL, H. F., (H.F. & W.T.), Sunswick Terr n Main
BLACKWELL, W.T. , (H.F.& W.T.), Sunswick Terr n Main
RAPELYE & WRIGHT, , country store, Fulton n Stevens
RAPELYE, J. R., (Rapelye & Wright), Franklin n Remsen
WRIGHT, J. P., (Rapelye & Wright), Grand n Welling

BRIDGINS, James H., baker, Fulton n junc Main, home/business
GARRISON, Louis, baker, Grand c 3rd ave, bds.
GRAY, Hugh, baker, Main n Woolsey, home/business
LEOPOLD, Louis, baker, Main n Willow, home/business
MOORE, Benjamin, baker, Grand c 3rd ave
SHAPELL, Robert, baker, Main n Sunswick Terr

BROWN, Eliza Mrs., grocer, St. John's pl n Willow, home/business
DALLAHAUNTY, John, grocer, Franklin c Emerald, home/business
DONOLLY, Mary Mrs., grocer, Broadway n Sunswick Terr
FLANAGAN, Andrew, grocer, 2nd ave n Grand
FLANNAGAN, Andrew, grocer, Main n junc Franklin
MENCKEN, Henry, grocer, Newtown ave c Henry, home/business
MERBACK, Frederick, grocer, Newtown ave c Buchanan, home/business
MILLS, Edwin, grocer, Clinton n Franklin
OWENS, James, grocer, Main c Emerald, home/business
TISSOT, F. B., grocer, Grand c 1st ave, home/business
WIEGAND, John, grocer, Newtown ave c Bradford, home/business
HILDERBRANDT, Claus, grocer , Main c Willow, home/business
MILLS, EDWIN, grocer and village clerk, Clinton n Franklin, home
MILLS, EDWIN, grocer and village clerk, Fulton c Sunswick Terr, business
BRIELL, Francis, gardener, Newtown ave junc Grand
BRIELL, David, gardener, Newtown ave n junc Grand, boards
BRILL, Anthony, gardener, 2nd ave n Grand
CAMPBELL, James, gardener, Fulton n junc Main
DUMMETT, Matthew, gardener, Washington c Fulton, home/business
FLOOD, John, gardener, Buchanan n Grand, boards
FLOOD, James, gardener, Buchanan n Grand, boards
GRANT, Wm, gardener, Main n Sunswick Terr
HENNESSY, Wm, gardener, Front n Fulton
HURLSTONE, Thomas, gardener, Main n Sunswick Terr
JARVIS, W., Gardener, Remsen c Welling
LONG, John, gardener, Willow n St. John's pl
MACK, John, gardener, Main n Welling
MATHEWS, Henry, gardener, Fulton n Stevens
OWENS, Michael, gardener, Shore road n Woolsey
PRYER, P., gardener, Franklin n junc Main
SCELES, James, gardener, William n Willow
SMITH, George, gardener, Buchanan n Grand
WITHAM, Joshua D., gardener, 7 Cottage row
BELL, W. A., harness maker, Main n junc Fulton, business
BELL, W. A., harness maker, Henry n Newtown ave, home

CARTMAN, John, hatter, Main n Sunswick Terr

WARNER, Conrad, huxter, Henry n Flushing ave
EXERTIER, Chas, Grand st. House, Grand c 2nd ave
WILSON, W. B., Astoria Hotel, Fulton n the ferry
GREEN, Wm, Sunswick Hotel, Sunswick Terr n Broadway
WILLIS, MARTIN, National Hotel, Main c Emerald
JACKSON, A., (A. & W. Jackson), Astoria Hotel, boards
JACKSON, W.H., (A. & W. Jackson), Flushing Bay
ATKINSON, Wm., jeweller, Fulton n junc Main, home/business

CASEY, ---, junk dealer, Ridge n Emerald
WESTON, James A, leather dealer (N.Y.), Grand opp Buchanan
WHITCOMB, James N., livery stable, Fulton n the ferry, home/business

ALLEN, I., laborer, Carver n Flushing ave
BORK, Chas., laborer, Willow n Main
BOUNTY, Joseph, laborer, Woolsey c Linden
CAHILL, Michael, laborer, Marc n Newtown ave
CARLON, Patrick, laborer, Main n Willow
CARROLL, John, laborer, William n Emerald
CHAPPELL, Morris, laborer, Carver n Flushing ave
CHRISTY, William, laborer, William n Emerald
CONLAN, Patrick, laborer, Emerald c William
CONNOR, John, laborer, William n Emerald
CONNORS, Thomas, laborer, William n Emerald
CONWAY, John, laborer, Carver n Newtown ave
CRONLY, John, laborer, Emerald n Main
CROWLY, John, laborer, Emerald n Franklin
CURRIN, John, laborer, St. John's pl c Emerald
CURTIS, Harley, laborer, William n Emerald.
DAILY, Sill, laborer, Front n Fulton
DALTON, Hugh, laborer, Emerald n Franklin
DEMPSEY, John, laborer, William n Emerald.
DONNELLY, Patrick, laborer, Carver n Flushing ave
DONNELLY, Bernard, laborer, Broadway n Sunswick Terr
DONNELLY, Peter, Laborer, Main n Willow
DOUGLASS, Robert, laborer, Carver n Flushing ave
DURLIN, Peter, laborer, Carver n Newtown ave
ERNST, John, laborer, Broadway n Emerald
FAGAN, Lawrence, laborer, Front n Fulton
FARRELL, Christopher, laborer, William n Emerald
FARROL, John, laborer, St. John's pl n Willow
FINDLEY, John, laborer, Franklin n William
FLOOD, Thomas, laborer, Front n Fulton
FOLLAN, James, laborer, Fulton n Stevens
GLINDEN, James, laborer, Carver n Newtown ave
HEISER, Philip, laborer, Newtown Ave n Buchanan
HICKS, Henry, laborer, Carver n Newtown ave
HIGGINS, Christopher, laborer, St. John's pl n Emerald
HUNT, , laborer, Carver n Flushing ave
ILISON, Andrew, laborer, Main n Willow
KEARNS, Barney, laborer, Carver n Flushing ave
KELLY, John, laborer, Perrot ave n Franklin
KELLY, Thomas, laborer, Main n junc Franklin
KENZEL, William H., laborer, Clinton n Franklin
LAWLER, John, laborer, Sunswick Terr n Fulton
MAHADY, Daniel, laborer, Emerald n Main
MAHANY, John, laborer, Henry c Flushing ave
MANNING, John, laborer, Franklin c Washington
MCCLELLAND, James, laborer, Front n Fulton
MCGINNIS, Peter, laborer, William n Willow
MCKENNA, John, laborer, Emerald n Franklin
MCNALLY, Peter, laborer, Front n Fulton
MENCH, Frederick, laborer, Ridge n Remsen, rear
MOORE, Charles, laborer, 1st ave n Grand
MORRIS, P., laborer, Franklin n Emerald
MURPHY, John, laborer, Franklin n Emerald
MURPHY, John, laborer, Emerald n Franklin
MURRAY, Thomas, laborer, Main n Willow
MURTHER, John, laborer, Carver n Newtown ave
NESBITH, Michael, laborer, William n Willow
NILAN, Dennis, laborer, Carver n Flushing ave
NOEL, John, laborer, Marc n Newtown ave
NORWOOD, Samuel, laborer, Fulton n the ferry
O'CONNOR, John, laborer, Franklin junc Main
O'REILEY, Bernard, laborer, Welling opp Grand
OWENS, Michael, laborer, Woolsey and Willow, betw
PEARSALL, Joseph, laborer, Emerald n Main
PENTHNEY, Matthew, laborer, Main n Willow
POWERS, Patrick, laborer, Front n Gas works
REED, Thomas, laborer, Main n Woolsey
RIELEY, James, laborer, William n Willow
SCHLOTT, John C., laborer, 2nd ave n Grand
SCHRIBER, Bernard, laborer, Carver n Newtown ave
SHERIDAN, Barney, laborer, Ridge n Remsen, rear
SHURLOCK, Robert, laborer, William n Willow
SMALL, Thomas, laborer, Front n Fulton
SMITH, Louis, laborer, Flushing ave n Henry
SMITH, Patrick, laborer, William n Willow
SMITH, Thomas, laborer, Willow n Franklin
TOURNEY, ----, laborer, Emerald c William
VAN DERVER, Wm, laborer, Carver n Flushing ave
WALTER, George, laborer, Ridge n Emerald
BENNER, R., lawyer, Woolsey n Franklin
HENDERSON, R. B., lawyer (N.Y.), Remsen n Franklin
TOWNSEND, J. D., lawyer (N.Y.), 7 St. George's Row
WHEELER, James, lawyer (N.Y.), 6 St. George's Row.
DALLAHAUNTY, Michael, constable, Emerald n Williams
MORRIS, JOHN R., Esq., Welling opp Grand
FIELD, Emanuel, machinist, Broadway n Remsen
MURRAY, Joseph, machinist, Main n Sunswick Terr
LANG, __, milkman, Camelia c Crescent
MOORE, Susan Mrs., milliner, Fulton n junc Main, home/business
WATSON, Elizabeth Miss, milliner, Main n Sunswick Terr, bds do
BATY, James, mason, Main n junc Franklin
BENNETT, J. R., mason, Flushing ave n Henry
BROWN, Peter, mason, William n Emerald
CAHALL, Patrick, mason, William n Emerald
DARCY, Philip., mason, Franklin n Woolsey
HOLLINGSWORTH, Joseph E., mason, Main n Fulton
LAWLOR, Thomas, mason, Emerald n Franklin
MALONE, Edward, mason, William n Willow
MCKERNAN, John, mason, Emerald c William
MCPECK, Dennis, mason, Flushing ave c Carver
MEDE, John, mason, William n St. John's pl
MORRIS, Patrick, mason, Emerald n Franklin
NEVIN, R., mason, Newtown ave n Buchanan
WEAVER, William, mason, Grand c 3rd ave
WHITNEY, JOSIAH M., mason lime dealer and real estate agt., Sunswick Terr opp Main, business
WHITNEY, JOSIAH M., mason lime dealer and real estate agt., Grand c Crescent, home
BAYLIES, H., physician, Remsen c Baylies
BILL, Howland, physician, 5 St. George's Row, boards
BILL, J.H., Ass't Surgeon U.S.A. and director U.S.A. Purveying Depot, Camelia c Primrose al, home/business
GOODWIN, Firman, physician, 6 Cottage Row
SCOTT, John, physician, Orchard n Perrot ave
TRASK, J. D., physician, 1 St. Georges Row
BAYLIES, James B., dentist, Remsen n Baylies
MARGUARD, Frank, hospital steward U.S.A.& foreman, Sunswick Terr c Fulton, boards

AYERS, Joseph, lace importer (N.Y.), Remsen n Franklin
STEVENS, B. K., importer (N.Y.), Sunswick Terr n Main
BENEDICT, R. W. , merchant (N.Y.), Grand n Emerald
BORR, Chas H., merchant (N.Y.), Franklin n Stevens
LATHROP, John, merchant (N.Y.), Remsen n Franklin
LATHROP, J., merchant (N.Y.), Franklin n Remsen
NEWTON, William, merchant (N.Y.), 1st ave n Grand
PEASE, C.A., merchant (N.Y.), Jamaica ave c 1st ave
PICOT, L., merchant (N.Y.), Jamaica ave c 1st ave
TURNER, S. E., merchant (N.Y.), Woolsey n Main
WITHINGTON, Henry, merchant (N.Y.), Franklin n Stevens
MATLACK, James, commission merchant (N.Y.), Main n Fulton
SMITH, Henry, commission merchant (N.Y.), Franklin c Wardell
MULLIGAN, William, pres. Ins. Co. (N.Y.), Franklin c Wardell
CARRINGTON, James M., broker (N.Y.), Franklin c Stevens
RITCHIE, Robert B. A., stock broker (N.Y.), Welling n Main, boards
YOUNG, Henry, stock broker (N.Y.), Grand n 1st ave
COFFEE, John, vol, Main n Willow
DORAN, John, vol, St John's Place n Willow
EGBERT, A., vol, Newtown ave n Buchanan
FOLEY, Michael, vol, Willow c St. John's pl
KELLY, George, vol, St. John's pl n Willow
MCKEEVER, William, vol, Franklin n William
MONOHAN, J., vol, St. John's pl n Willow
PARSONS, Thomas, vol, St. John's pl
SLATTERY, James, vol, William n Willow
TULLY, John, vol, St. John's pl n Willow
COLGAN, James, vol 2nd regt., William n Willow
BANSLEY, John, vol 51st regt, Main n Willow.
GAFFNEY, John, vol 51st regt, Emerald n Franklin
RAUCH, Theodore, vol 51st regt, Main c Willow
SHERRY, Wm., vol 51st regt, Main n Willow
WILD, MARTHA Mrs., Military Hall, Fulton n Perrot ave, home/business
U. S. MEDICAL PURVEYING DEPOT, , , Camelia n Sunswick Terr
BILL, J.H., Ass't Surgeon U.S.A. and director U.S.A. Purveying Depot, Camelia c Primrose al, home/business

VOYSEY, Thomas, oil dealer, Newtown ave c Carver
FLINN, John, packer, Fulton n junc Main
SMITH, Samuel, packer, Astoria Hotel, boards
WILSON, Wm T, packer, Astoria Hotel, boards

CAMPBELL, Edward, painter, 1st ave n Grand
COFTY, Francis, painter, Broadway n Sunswick Terr
CRANFIELD, Joseph S., painter, 2nd ave c Jamaica ave.
HENSHAW, James, painter, William c Willow
KETCHAM, George, painter, Henry n Newtown ave
LALOR, Peter, painter, Main n Willow
MIMNAUGH, Arthur, painter, Fulton n Stevens
SIMPSON, John R., painter, Fulton n junc Main, home/business
TIPPEL, Ruddolph, painter, Sunswick Terr n Broadway
WATSON, Samuel W., painter, Main n Sunswick Terr, bds
WATSON, W. A., painter, Main n Sunswick Terr
RANKIN, Francis, whitewasher, Main n Sunswick Terr
PLUNKETT, Thomas, paper hanger, Franklin n Washington

CAMPBELL, Hugh, pedlar, William c Emerald
GRIFFIN, Wm, pedlar, Emerald n Franklin

BARKER, Stephen, photographer, Fulton n Perrot ave
HALLETT, Samuel, photographer (N.Y.), Flushing ave junc Newtown Ave.

ROBINSON, Alexander, plumber, Main c Remsen, home/business

TORREY, James D., printer, Jamaica ave n Crescent
WATSON, Joseph, printing presses, Newtown ave n opp Crescent
PHALAN, JAMES, Rev, Franklin n Washington
HARRIS, R. W., REV., Woolsey c Franklin
MORGAN, William P., Rev., Perrot ave n Franklin
STEAD, Benjamin F., Rev., Franklin n Wardell
TEN EYCK, W. H., Rev., Remsen n Franklin
MACKINTOSH, Daniel, salesman, Henry c Newtown ave

OLIVER, Edward, sawyer, Main n Willow

SUYDAM, James A., shipping commission (N.Y.), Remsen n Franklin
DONNELLY, Barney, spinner, Ridge n Remsen, rear

SNYDER, H & J. M., stage line and soda water manufacturer, Broadway n Remsen
SNYDER, H., (H. & J. M.), Broadway n Remsen
SNYDER, J. M., (H. & J. M.), Broadway n Remsen

HABERSHAW, Wm jr., stereoscopic view setter, Grand junc Welling

MURPHY, John, stoves tinware and fruit dealer, Henry n Newtown ave, home
MURPHY, John, stoves tinware and fruit dealer, Fulton n Perrot ave, business

ALBERT, Moritz, saloon, Flushing ave junc Newtown ave, home/business
CREIGHTON, P., saloon, Franklin n Emerald, home/business
DAY, T. G., saloon, Main n Sunswick Terr, home/business
HAILEY, Martin, saloon, Main c Willow, home/business
MACKIE, John, saloon, Fulton junc Main, home/business
MARLOW, THOMAS, saloon, Fulton n Stevens, home/business
MULLEN, R., saloon, Willow c St. John's pl, home/business
RUTSLER, F. A., saloon, Fulton n Stevens, home/business
WUHRMANN, John, saloon, Fulton n Sunswick Terr, home/business
LOVEDAY, Henry, saloon keeper and painter, Fulton n Stevens, home/business
BAUMANN, D. F., shoemaker, Main n junc Franklin
BROWN, Henry, shoemaker, Willow n Main
CASEY, Lawrence, shoemaker, Main n Welling, home/business
CLEMENT, Charles, shoemaker, 2nd ave n Grand
FERGUSON, Thomas, shoemaker, Fulton junc Main
FINK, John, shoemaker, Main n junc Franklin, home/business
GILLIS, Wm., shoemaker, Fulton n junc Main, home/business
HUEFFNER, Theodore, shoemaker, Fulton n Stevens
JOYCE, William, shoemaker, Newtown ave junc Main
KORFMANN, John, shoemaker, Fulton n Perrot ave, home/business
LOOKINS, -----, shoemaker, Broadway n Remsen
QUINN, Philip, shoemaker, Main n Emerald, home/business
QUISH, James, shoemaker, Main n Emerald
RIEHL, Wm., shoemaker, Newtown ave n Buchanan
ROSS, Alanson, shoemaker, Welling opp Grand
SCHNEIDER, J., shoemaker, Main n Woolsey, home/business
SMYTH, James, shoemaker, Fulton n junc Main
SNYDER, F., shoemaker, Franklin n Emerald, home/business
SMYTH, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, Fulton n junc Main, home/business
UNDERDOWN, W. H., boot and shoemaker, Main junc Fulton, home/business
DIEHL, Michael, tailor, Newtown ave n Buchanan
MASKIELL, George, tailor, Fulton n Stevens, home/business
O'BRIEN, Wm K., tailor, Main junc Fulton, home/business
UMSHLAG, J. J., tailor, Main n Remsen, home/business
WELCH, ---, tailor, Henry n. Newtown ave
GRAFF, Julius, taylor, Fulton n junc Main, home/business

BREMAN, Benjamin, teacher, Main junc Fulton, business
BREMAN, Benjamin, teacher, Sunswick Terr n Main, boards
EVETT, ----, teacher, Newtown ave n 3rd ave
KETCHAM, A. M., teacher, 4 Cottage Row

HANTS, Alexander, teamster, Willow n Linden
STAINTON, Thomas, teamster, Ridge n the creek, rear

MUCHMORE, W. Fletcher, telegraph operator, Fulton n junc Main, boards

LIVINGSTONE, Charles, tinner, Willow n St. John's pl
RAGE, Joseph, tinner, 2 Cottage Row
RAGE, Joseph, tinner, Fulton n Stevens, home/business
SHRADER, Volney, tinner, Broadway n Remsen
HALLETT, Chas W., undertaker, Emerald opp Linden
FRIED, John, upholster, Franklin n William, home/business
FOLEY, Wm, upholsterer, Fulton n junc Main
TOEMY, Michael, varnish maker, William n Emerald
JALLER, Theodore, varnisher, Flushing ave n Henry
ALLEN, John, waiter, Fulton junc Main

KONVALINKA, Joseph, watchmaker, Fulton junc Main, home/business
STEANE, Isaac, watchmaker, 3 St. George's Row

TEANEY, David, watchman, Camelia c Primrose al

NEDEG, Nicholas, wheelwright, Flushing ave n Henry, home
NEDEG, Nicholas, wheelwright, Newtown ave junc Flushing ave, business
NEDEG, Nioholas, wheelwright, Henry n Flushing ave

BURGER, Christopher, weaver, Flushing ave n Carver
DONNELLY, John, weaver, Fulton n Stevens
GILLESPIE, Thomas, weaver, Emerald n Franklin
KLEMM, Charles, weaver, Ridge n Remsen
MAUD, Robert, weaver, Ridge n Remsen, rear
RIELEY, Wm., weaver, Ridge n Remsen, rear
SIDEL, Eli, weaver, Ridge n Remsen, rear
SPOTS, John, weaver, Ridge n Remsen, rear
VALLELLY, T., weaver, Ridge n Emerald

BURR, Sterrett S., weighing master, Newtown ave c Marc
ARDELSHEIMER, Johanna Mrs, , Main n Willow
ARNOLD, Mary Mrs, , St. John's pl c Emerald
ASPINAL, E., , Camelia c Sunswick Terr
AYERS, THEODORE V., , Grand c Academy, home/business
BACK, Anna M. Mrs., , Main D. Woolsey
BACON, Sarah Mrs., , Woolsey n Franklin
BAILEY, Wm. weaver, , Henry n Newtown ave
BAYLIES, B. L. B., , Remsen n Baylies
BENNETT, Mrs., , Fulton n junc Main
BLACKWELL, Maddison, , Fulton junc Main.
BLACKWELL, E. W. Mrs., , Main c Remsen
BLACKWOOD, Josiah, , Franklin n Wodell
BLOSSOM, B., , Sunswick Terr n Main
BOOTH, Capt., , Fulton n junc Main
BOWMAN, Samuel. S., , Broadway n Academy
BRADLEY, Agnes Miss, , Fulton n Stevens
CALDWELL, Henry, , Broadway n Remsen
CALLAHAN, Mary Mrs., , William n Willow
CARLE, Sarah Mrs, , Emerald n Franklin
CARRINGTON, , , Woolsey c Baylies
CARRINGTON, James W., , Franklin c Stevens
CAWLEY, S.B., , Newtown ave c Carver
COLLEY, Charles, , Broadway c Academy
CONWAY, Kate Mrs., , William n Willow
COOK, Horace Rev., , Welling opp Grand
CRUM, Charles, , Sunswick Terr c Fulton, boards
CURRAN, Patrick, , Flushing ave n Carver
DAVIES, M. C. Mrs., , Emerald opp Linden
DAVIS, Harriet Mrs., , Welling n Main
DONAHOE, Mary Mrs., , Willow c St. John's pl
DUNN, Edwin M., , Broadway n Academy, boards
EATON, , , Newtown ave n junc Grand
ELLSWORTH, R., , Emerald n St. John's pl
FAY, Georgiana & Kate Misses, , Fulton n Stevens
FLANAGAN, Ellen Mrs, , Willow n Franklin
FLOOD, Philip Mrs, , Front n Fulton
FLOOD, Mary Mrs, , Buchanan n Grand
FOUNTAIN, Phebe Mrs, , Newtown ave n 3rd ave
GATES, Ellen Mrs, , Main n Welling
GRAHAM, E.C., , Woolsey n Franklin
GRAY, Mary Mrs, , Main n junc Franklin
GREEN, Catherine Mrs, , William n Emerald
GREENOAK, Eliza Miss, , Welling opp Grand
GUILBERT, Elizabeth Mrs., , Carver n Flushing ave
GUNN, Ann D. Mrs., , Fulton n junc Main, boards
HALSEY, John J., , Perrot ave c Orchard
HALSEY, STEPHEN A., , Main n Sunswick Terr
HAND, Johanna Mrs., , St. John's pl c Emerald
HARRIS, Ann Mrs., , William n Willow
HAWKS, Agnes Mrs., , Henry n Newtown ave
HENDRICKSON, James, , Newtown ave c Carver
HEWITT, Edward, , Franklin n Remsen
HIGGINS, Joseph, , St. John's pl n Emerald
JOHNSON, Henry, , Jamaica ave n Academy
KELKLE, Ursula Mrs., , Willow n Main
KELLY, N. Mrs., , Emerald n Franklin
KING, B. Mrs., , Franklin n Emerald
KNEELAND, Henry Mrs., , Remsen n Baylies
LANGMAN, F., , Camelia c Sunswick Terr
LAWLOR, Ann Mrs, , William n Willow
LAWRENCE, James V. Mrs., , Wardell n the River
LAWRENCE, Gilbert, , Wardell n the River, boards
LIVINGSTON, Mary Mrs., , Emerald c William
LLOYD, Albert T., , Grand n Buchanan
LOCKWOOD, J.H., , Broadway n 1st Ave
LOW, Ann Mrs., , William n Willow
LOW, -----, , Flushing ave n Henry
LOWRIE, John c Rev., , Remsen n Franklin
LUDLOW, Caroline & Phebe Misses, , Welling opp Grand
LUYSTER, Hellen Mrs., , Sunswick Terr c Camelia
MADAN, Lidia Mrs., , Academy n Grand
MCCANN, Elizabeth Mrs., , William n Willow
MCKIDNEY, Sarah Mrs., , Main n Welling
MCKNERNEY, Bridget Mrs, , Willow c St. John's pl
MCMAHAN, D., , St. John's pl n Willow
MCNALLY, Mary Miss., , Fulton n Stevens
MILLER, George, , Remsen opp Baylies
MIMNAUGH, Patrick, , Henry n Flushing ave
MITCHEL, Mary Mrs., , St. John's pl n Willow
MONTELL, F.T., , Perrot ave n Franklin
MONTELL, Edwin A., , 2 St. George's row
MORRIS, Phebe Mrs., , Newtown ave n Henry
MORRIS, Hetty Mrs., , Newtown ave n Henry
MUNSON, M., , Fulton c Washington
MURPHY, Mary Mrs., , William n Willow
MURRAY, Catherine, , 1st ave n Grand
NUGENT M., laborer, , Franklin n Willow
OGDEN, D. S., , Grand n Emerald
OLOFFO, Jane Mrs., , Willow n St. John's pl
ORR, Catherine, , Franklin n Willow
PHILLIPS, John, , Fulton n junc Main
PODMORE, Daniel J., , Buchanan n Grand
POLHEMUS, Abraham Mrs., , Perrot ave n Franklin
POLHEMUS, Jacob, , Remsen n Franklin
POST, E. F., , Sunswick Terr n Broadway
QUINLAN, R. Mrs., , National Hotel, boards
RANKINS, Maria Mrs., , Woolsey c Baylies
REMSEN, D. R., , Franklin c Remsen
RIDDEN, Martin, , Broadway n Sunswick Terr
ROURKE, Mrs., , Main c Willow
SHIELDS, Eliza Mrs., , Broadway n Sunswick Terr
SHINE, John, , Fulton n the Ferry
SKINNER, Augustus T, , 5 St. George's Row
SMITH, Ann Mrs., , William n Emerald
SMITH, Roe H., , Academy at Jamaica ave
SMITH, Russell, , Remsen c Main
SMITH, Mrs., , Franklin n Emerald
SMITH, Gilbert Mrs., , Wardell n the River, boards
SOSSEI, Charles, , Broadway n Emerald
SPOCK, Mary Mrs, , Fulton n junc Main
STANFIELD, M. M., , Sunswick Terr n Main
STEVENS, Albert G., , Franklin n Remsen
STEVENS, Alexander H., , Remsen n Franklin
STONEWALL, ---, , Willow c St. John's pl
SULLIVAN, Ellen Mrs, , Emerald n Franklin
SULLIVAN, Mary Mrs., , Main n Willow
TALBOTT, Mrs., , Henry n Flushing ave
TALLMAN, Euphame Mrs., , Fulton c Stevens
TANNER, James, , Welling n Main
TENELI, Joseph Mrs., , Fulton c Main
THOMPSON, Martha Mrs., , Remsen n Franklin
TOBIN, John, , Main n Woolsey
TRAFFORD, C. R., , Main n Sunswick Terr
TRANOR, Ellen Mrs., , Emerald n Franklin
TROWBRIDGE, Charlotte Mrs., , Franklin c Remsen
VAN ALST, Julia Mrs., , Main n Sunswick Terr
VAN DERVENTER, Wm., , Sunswick Terr n Main
WALLACE, Mary Mrs., , William n Emerald
WALTSIE, Elias, , Welling opp Grand
WATSON, George, , Henry n Newtown ave
WHITE, John, , Carver n Flushing ave
WHITE, Charles, , Remsen opp Baylies
WHITING, Eliza Mrs., , Newtown ave n Henry
WHITTEMORE, Horace, , Franklin c Perrot ave
WHITTEMORE, H. A., , Orchard n Perrot ave
WILLIAMS, ----, , Fulton n the ferry
WOOLSEY, Edward J., , Shore road n Woolsey
WOOLSON, Letecia Mrs., , William n Willow
YOUNG, Mrs, , Welling opp Grand
ZAVALA, Henry, , Woolsey n Franklin

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